I am here on STEEM, my introduceyourself Post

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I am so happy finally when I joined this great Community of opportunities yesterday but due to our bad internet connection or let say the Steemit sign up site did not opened yesterday but we already took those pictures with a happy and joyous heart of Steem.

Who Am I?

This is a brief description of me and who I am for real. I am by name Folashade Aina, who happens to be a mom of three and also one of my children is also a Steemian as well @gloriaolar. I am a business woman who sells provisions in bulk and also in bit. Am a business woman in all aspects I love making hair,love cooking .infact I love passion for cooking.sometimes cook for birthday,naming and so on.

How I Got To Know About Steem.

I was novice but now I realize what I have been missing out so far. I was at home awake in the afternoon when a friend of my daughter who happen to be a Steemian came to lecture my daughter on Steem do and don't but I thought it was a joke. But when my daughter who is an artist give all her best in contributing to this Community and the interactive session where she replies most comment I was forced to ask her how things was going by that time. I made my interest known to her three weeks ago but she told me she will give me those necessary lectures on Steem but unfortunately she travelled out of Ilorin where we reside. So I called her to please contact her colleague @mattsanthonyit who is also a good Steemian. So, that was how it started and I'm so happy I joined this platform for the best.

Here Are Some Of Pictures Of What I Do For A Living





I love to take selfies of myself when I'm less busy in my shop or outings.



Thanks to @mattsanthonyit for showing me the way to the future and also taking his time to give me some tutorials on how to Kickstart on steem.

Thanks For Accepting Me.

I am @folashade-aina

Welcome to Steemit.

In order to prevent identity theft, identity deception and content theft, we encourage users to confirm their online identity. Users with an online identity that have websites or blogs, users who are creators of art and/or are celebrities of all kinds, are asked to verify themselves. Verified users tend to receive a better reception from the community.

In order to confirm your authorship of the account, please use your long established social media account such as Facebook or Twitter and contact Steemcleaners via Facebook or Twitter:



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Thank you.

More Info: Introducing Identity/Content Verification Reporting & Lookup

Hi @steemcleaners, here is also my own other social media proof on steemit.

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i am glad you are here

Welcome to steemit @folashade-aina.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

Thank you for the suggestions, I'll check them all out.

Welcome to Steem! Always great to see new people from all different locations around the world - If your works can generate steem - may really be worth switching into BTC every so often, certainly if you are in Nigeria, could really grow in next few years - If you get a chance, follow back :)

Thank you for the lovely comment. I have followed you.

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Welcome on Steemit.

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Welcome to Steem. I’m sure Matthew has told you all about how amazing it is over here. Looking forward to your content.

He sure has. Thank you

Congratulations @folashade-aina!
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I think you guys, in Africa, are really blessed with the invention of a few blockchains which require such a low barrier to entry, to become a participant. Steem and Prizm are the ones that don't only have a temporary local impact - this is the start to a whole paradigm shift in your economy! Onboard new users. Use the good old word-of-mouth, like you saw your daughter's friend did.

God bless!

Welcome folashade-aina!
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