Online chess tournaments, how is the chess community in Venezuela dealing with COVID-19?

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While all the COVID-19 happens in my country and we are forced to be in quarantine in our houses, one of the things that has affected me the most is not being able to carry out activities that have a crowd of people, this means that I have not been able to organize more tournaments of chess in person, therefore, I cannot continue with my initiative... (or yes?)

A week ago my chess coach (organizer of all the official chess tournaments in Nueva Esparta) told me that the Nueva Esparta chess association and those in other states are starting to hold online tournaments using the platform. I must admit that at first I didn't think the idea was very good, I thought that the tournaments that would be held there would be just to pass the time and little more, but I was completely wrong.

The days went by and up to 4 tournaments a day began to be held through Lichess, the chess community began to participate in those tournaments and the associations ended up using as a platform to organize association chess tournaments, even creating competitions among the state chess associations.


Even though it's online chess, it was really exhausting, the strength of the players in that tournament was quite big and it was almost 2 hours of non-stop playing, what surprised me the most was the amount of people who participated in that tournament, 244 people! 244 people in the first team tournament among the state chess associations, that amount of people is incredibly big and shows that despite the difficulties, the community always looks for other means to fight against adversity (Sounds familiar).

So, the following idea came to my mind: Why not make chess tournaments online and try to think of a way for new users to start registering in HIVE?

At first I doubted it, why would they participate in that tournament? Would there really be enough people? Because of these doubts I decided to talk to my coach to propose the idea and, now I'm more sure than ever to show you this:

Sin título1.png
I have a designer friend who did this design

This is a draft and is not yet scheduled for a specific date, but, the idea of doing online chess tournaments to integrate HIVE is not at all unreasonable. The idea is simple: use chess to promote HIVE, so why not hold online chess tournaments and make users register in HIVE in order to participate in the tournament? This is the fundamental idea and this is how people will start to notice HIVE through these tournaments.

The amount of players that can have these online tournaments is really big, one single tournament organized by the chess association of my state has at least 50 people registered, if we create a tournament where we give cash prizes using HIVE as currency, in order to receive the prizes they must register in the blockchain, so it will be a requirement to register in HIVE if you want to win the cash prizes. My coach said that we can organize a first tournament among the players of my state so that the chess community of Nueva Esparta can have the first look at HIVE.

I quite like the idea of organizing online tournaments because of the flexibility and the facility that most people have to compete from their homes, without a doubt the way in which chess can be adapted to be played anywhere is really incredible and I quite trust that this initiative can also be adapted to any problem. The expenses will be reduced since we will not give physical prizes nor will we need a place to hold the tournament, the expenses will be the cash prizes and the payment to the designer. For now I just want to give a brief superficial explanation of everything I plan to do with HIVE while Venezuela is in quarantine.

For now I have ways to get the accounts for all the participants, if the same people who were supporting the initiative at Steem are interested, then I would certainly love to be able to do it here as I want to dedicate this initiative 100% to HIVE. I will probably get the funds for the cash prizes through publications or if any sponsor is interested in giving HIVE liquids to award the prizes, as I said, I just wanted to give a brief superficial explanation about this idea and I am really too exhausted to go into it in depth (it is 7:39 am and I haven't slept). So, for now I will leave it here and then I will make another publication going into more detail if necessary. Cheers and HIVE on!

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