🍄 Mushroom hunting and the appearance of a curious friend 🍄

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Hey there Steem, hope you're all doing great, learning a lot about yourselves and enjoying the gifts of life.

I haven't been able to post much these days since I don't have a computer and writing from the phone gets a bit tedious.

Also, I've visited many people and have tried my best to stay offline, engaging with those that are physically present before my eyes.

At this moment I am with my father and his partner staying in my grandparents house in the farm. There are many deep thoughts that have come to my mind these days but I will leave them for another post once I can settle down and dedicate more time to writing.

For now I just wanted to share some pictures of today's walk and a little friend we found in the fields:


Nothofagus obliqua to the left and drimys winteri to the right.

My grandparents were not ecological minded people but still recognized the benefits of leaving trees in the land to retain water. Hence, there is plenty of forest in this farm.


This is a HUGE drimys winteri, locally known as canelo. It is a sacred tree to the mapuche people who are natives of this land and was used both medicinally as well as ceremonially.


My dad and I.


My dad and his partner. We went out to hunt for mushrooms but had little luck. She's holding her hand out like that because we found a curious friend instead. You ready to meet it? Good, cause here it comes:


After some googling we found that it is called an "emerald frog". It almost looks like a toy but it's real!


We were able to find a few mushrooms but none edible... Better luck next time I guess.


Any fungi experts out there? Would be grateful for any help identifying these.


The same mushroom as before.


Well, everyone knows this one right? Amanita muscaria, probably one of the most popular mushrooms, yet surrounded by an abundance of misinformation. Check out this channel if you're curious about consuming it 🍄.

So those were the best pictures I got from today's walk. Hope you enjoyed them and have the chance to go out on a walk of your own. It's all good to quarantine but if you have the chance to catch some fresh air and forest energy don't miss out.

I think it's also important to be aware that the best way to combat all sickness is a good immune system and that starts with the appropriate mindset.

Don't let fear sink in, if you love Life then Life will love you back. Our backs are covered when we trust in the divinity that is present in every moment.


This is awesome! Nature has always its unique ways to amaze us.

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