Community Journal #1 and Some Wild Mushroom Pics

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Things are beginning to take shape.

As some of you might know, I have set into motion a project to forge a community based on the principles of permaculture and veganism.

About a week ago we gathered with four others who are interested in going the full road into the community, meaning they wish to build their homes in the plot and live there.

I was a bit nervous as to how everything would work out. We walked around the site and finally reached the riverside where we talked for a while. After some questions, we ate some snacks they had brought along and built a fire.

Tobacco and cannabis smoke started circling around the fire and the ritual of connecting begun. And I mean connecting on energetic and vibrational levels. After a while of sharing like this, I came to feel that they were tribe and that things would go just fine.


The group currently consists of six adults and six children. The kids are an important aspect to consider in our every decision and I find that to be rather nice.

Right now we need to build a shed to start gathering building materials. Hopefully, we will be able to recycle the larger part of the stuff and there are plenty of options for re-utilization such as pallets and wrecked house left-overs. The materials are available but first, we have to make sure they are protected from the rain since it pours quite a bit in this area of the world.

We plan on building our first shelter based on eco-bricks, something like this:


For now, it's important to be patient and wait for the right opportunities to advance. We face some big limitations such as lack of transport, tools, and technical knowledge on how to do the things we are planning. I would like to think we might count on support from the blockchain communities and it would be nice to put the project on Fundition.

I have been learning a lot to go with the flow, not trying to control things but rather letting them fall into place when the timing is appropriate. As the Tao Te Ching says: "The Way is ever without action, yet nothing is left undone". This makes particular sense to me at this point in life.

From here on my blog will be likely a sort of journal on the community progress so if you're curious about how this turns out, stay tuned.

Finally, I leave you with some pictures of mushrooms one can find during this season in southern Chile. I don't know many of the names but they are beautiful nonetheless.

Lycoperdon perlatum, delicious shroom. I love eating it with potatoes :)

Suillus luteus, one of the pine mushrooms that are becoming part of many people's diet.



Possibly Agaricus campestris, also edible and a great alternative to the commercial variety Agaricus bisporus.



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