On using the current technology on our cars worldwide to make a pleasant or unpleasant future for everyone!

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We should have many electric cars in different countries in the world in the future, and this claims the top leaders of Toyota and Volvo. But there will be more C02 emissions with such a policy, so should we really do this? What if people want the petrol car and the diesel car globally?

Japan will maybe deny all petrol cars and diesel cars to be on the road in Japan from 2035. And some municipalities in different countries want the electric car to come, although we need more power and energy, and although there will be some bad socio-economic effects of it. We should do many types of analysis to think and to see what will happen in the future, and a plan is nothing, but planning is everything!

Should Toyota and Volvo define the future for all types of cars? And which competence do the people in these organizations really have? We cannot deny competence, but competence is doing us wiser, and the more we know, the less we know. And competence affects us internally and externally if it works. And competence is something we have got in business schools, in colleges and in universities, and we should have the pleasure of meaning something in society, and having something importance and something to say. And there is no point of asking all people about it regardless of where you meet them, but students and employees have different attitudes about education and research, and therefore I have to tell them how to study!

Some people hate changes that are going on, also for the cars, and for what we are driven around the globe. And some people like changes, if they imply a better country and a better world to live within. And we should build competence worldwide in the organizations, to get the best advice and reports from the best people. And research is always about what we know and what we can know, and we consider how you know what you know, and what we can do with your senses and imaginations to make experiments with the conditions you have to mean what you mean! So, Toyota and Volvo are out in the markets today, and telling people to buy electric cars in the future, but maybe we should people determine what they want to drive in the future, and not having all the companies trading with cars around them to every time!

So, new cars and new possibilities and new challenges. We need more charging stations to supply, supply management is always important for many companies and customers, the electric cars with power and energy such that they can drive on the roads. But more electric cars imply more CO2 emissions, and we should therefore think carefully about pro and contra arguments about doing one thing or the other with the car park in different countries. And maybe, we should have different developments for a time, and long time in the future, we should drive cars that cause few emissions or zero emissions for the air and the atmosphere different places around. And Toyota and Volvo have long experience with their cars, and they have also long research background, and we should do some sensible things with the cars in the future, and not the stupid things, and we can dwell with all the research and all the details, but we should ask ourselves which effects there are on changes, and if people and societies really need changes in the car park!

We should also question about how the prices on the cars will be in the future, and how we can reduce taxes and fees on the cars to get people buying the cars that are offered in in the car dealerships. And even governments in different countries are thinking about these things, and we should give our emotional support, and at the same time, we can be in the powerful positions. But the state budget must always balance, and as societies we should do sensible and good choices in the government and in the parliament to the pleasure of everybody needing a car!

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