Happy Caturday

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Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

It's been a busy week


It has been a busy week and I just got home from work. I dropped my wife's car off in the shop to get some new tires on it and now I am trying to relax a bit before we have to go pick it up.

I wish that I could relax as much as Rusty because he looks super chill up in his cat tower sleeping. Keiichi on the other hand is just being a weirdo right now.


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

You know how cats like to lay in boxes? Well Keiichi is too big for the lid of my wife's tarot card box, but he thinks that he is still laying in it if he just puts his arm in there. What a doofus.

Let's see what you guys have for #caturday. I actually remembered today, so I am glad. Show me your best cat pictures in the comments.

I am hoping that tomorrow after work Faith and I will be able to do some painting. It should be a lot of fun. Thanks for stopping by. You are awesome!

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Living the good life.

Seems about as spoiled as mine are, lol

I'm pretty sure she is xD

I'm pretty sure she is xD

I think we ALL wish we could relax as much as Rusty lol! He's a real cutie! Is he as naughty as gingers are supposed to be? :)

Rusty and Keiichi are both little trouble makers sometimes, lol. There favorite thing to do is knock everything off the table each night.

LOL!!! Sounds like a perfectly suitable form of entertainment hahaha! Cats really are hilarious creatures! I have only had cats for years, but sadly we lost two last year and my little boy had a rough time... so we decided to change it up and get him a puppy... now that is whole different kettle of fish haha!

He's become ever more handsome that I remembered :)
Have a great Sunday!

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Que gatinho fofinho 😊

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Grandioso minino

More of a dog person myself, but I have no hate for cats. :) I just celebrate dogs on Caturday is all. ha.

Such sweet looking boys, although I am sure they can be little terrors!

The thing about boxes... is that cats have their own definitions of the whole notion of "If I fits, I sits!" These two guys are no longer with us, but they gave their own definition to the idea of an appropriately sized box. And this was not just a "one-off" thing, either...