Over-use of Kron: Yes I am guilty :)

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Use of Kron the Undying

I landed with a Earth quest @splinterlands today. I love Earth deck, lately it is my second favorite deck, it used to me my first, but slowly I think Dragon splinter is taking over. One of the thing I tend to do a lot is overuse Kron the Undying :) I have explained a strategy to use Kron in 12-13-14 mana battles. But I like to experiment a lot and be playful, so I used Kron in this case in a 18 mana battle.


Battle Link

Technically I could have use Xander Foxwood, and used Flesh Golem in front. But, I thought what the hell, it is for fun anyways! So I used Lyanna and Stone Golem in the front and Kron at the back.

A have Kron maxed, and it is incredibly fun to use.

As you can see from the stat below; at Level 4; Kron has Heal, Divine shield and Last Stand abilities. The reason Kron shines at the lowest possible mana (12-mana) battle is mainly due to its Last Stand ability.


So in the end it was a nice win for me, although I must admit that it was a tight battle. I should have used Flesh Golem with Xander though.


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my god. definetly overpowered card. like so much :3

Wooow,nice one.
Please help me resteem my post @tolukeys. My post is not getting upvote and its discouraging. Tnks

You are not alone. Most of the Steem blockchain posts are ignored/overlooked. Most of the Steem blockchain users are selfish and greedy. Most of the users are focusing on their own posts, and they do not care about other people's posts. This leads to many disappointed users, who eventually leave the platform.

Tnk you.its just discouraging.

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