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RE: OCD's stance on cross-posting and news about empowering niche communities

in OCD3 years ago

Yup. This is bid-bots 2.0 - content recycling via cross-posting.
How do you think outsiders are going to view this? As a positive development? Or more BS like self-voting, vote trading and vote-buying/selling.

Hey, guess what? Steem didn't think that was enough so now they enable a feature to copy and paste another's post and get rewarded with a 5~10% cut depending if the person who does it owns the community or not...the best part, no consent required.


To the outsider that have never been or seen Steem before it might seem normal. That's how the place works, so be it.
But considering that for the past years copy-pasta was punished, recycling own posts and posting them again was punished as well, I just don't understand how cross-posting in current form is allowed. It allows you to use the same content and monetize it again. Even if I would not be allowed to cross-post mine, I can monetize someone else content for the second or third time. And even earn on it!

Wild thought...
Imagine 10-15 people creating few communities, posting once a day and crossing all each other posts on daily basis. I know this might be easy to spot and downvoted, but just imagine :D

Steem or Steempeak? I though on Steempeak has the button. That's why posts do show normally there and on Steemit and Busy feed it looks like link spam.

Steempeak has it.

I just think they are making quite the statement by enabling it after so long. I am actually tempted to remove my support from their proposal, but I will give them a few weeks to see how it goes.

About your community thought, I could totally see a crosspost circle vote community starting up. They would be able to get away with less effort on their low effort posts. Hopefully tools are made to detect this so others can react.

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