Ulog: How Does It Look Among Boys In A Nigerian Music Studio?

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In the ulog video below, there is unknown testimony of what i am underlyingly working on and what is to come. I now have ‘Macrohard’ hub to work in and i am preparing the grounds at this stage. To do this, among other things, i need inspiration. Plus, i need to start the motion of ‘gathering people’ in such a way that we begin to move concertedly. Over the course of time, i have been choosing these base of people and now, i am calling them together gradually. 

Yes, the video below featured 6 people total. Was shown, is a music studio! We sang and created inspiration and with this particular breed of inspiration, we will begin to move forward, now more concertedly.

I am still struggling with setting up the ‘Macrohard’ hub but in the meantime, i continue to evolve the curriculum of the school called ‘Legitimate illiteracy‘, which will form the basis for education from within the Macrohard hub and these people that i gather now, are playing a giant role in helping, by participating actively in creating and sustaining the inspirtation that i will need.

See the ulog video below, to see boys gathered in a music studio located in Nigeria as they visit with me to sing us a song of breakthrough:

Everyone featured on this video, will join me in surpassinggoogle. On each platform i am on, they will be on, whether steem, hive, blurt etc. Along the way, we will touch each platform, each human and together, ‘surpassinggoogle it is’, whether bulls or bears.

Your Boy Terry


Seeking Your Crowdfunding Support Passionately – Where We’ve Reached With The Set-up Of ‘Macrohard’ Hub, Philippines?


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