Ulog: Helping A Brother Start His Journey In Trading Digital Currencies Today. Part 1

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In the ulog video below, i tried to help a brother as soon as today. How it works is simple. Someone contacts me about needing help to solve a challenge in relation to any subject or niche and i look to engage him/her to a livestream conversation, whereupon i give him/her my insight on the said subject as a 'legitimate illiterate'. I share my resources as well even 'financial'.

Our brother needed some help or direction to start out trading digital currencies and in the video below, we began to tackle the situation. I share my screen as necessary to show him online resources that can help, then i continue to follow up with him via the DMs. I will also eventually invite him to social platforms like steem, hive, blurt as he will need to be in the midst of these 'blockchain-inclined communities', to better thrive with 'trading digital currencies'.

I didn't know the brother until recently and this is my second livestream with him. He contacted me on Facebook, needing assistance and i offered to help, even though i am ill. In most of my livestreams my orientation and coordination is poor but in my case 'surpassinggoogle it is' on behalf of fellow humans, whether bulls or bears, for 'humanity is the brother next to you'.

Everyone featured livestreams on UloggersTV, will join me in surpassinggoogle. On each platform i am on, they will be on, whether steem, hive, blurt etc. Along the way, we will touch each platform, each human and together, ‘surpassinggoogle it is’, whether bulls or bears.

Your Boy Terry


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