Black Acres Of The Gambia & Similar Projects - Some Building Services You Can Offer In Africa!

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In this ulog, i discussed some of the

'Some Building-Services That Building-Projects Like 'Black Acres Of The Gambia' Can Offer Africa'.

If you are building your projects on landed properties in Africa, there are building-related services you can offer to other building projects in your proximity while serving your needs.

A good example of a building project in Africa ran by an 'African family returning from the diaspora' is 'Black Acres of the Gambia' (BAG). They are building on a large expanse of land and undertaking this large building project in an area that invites project development now and in the future, considering that the area isn't so developed.

To these effect, 'Black acres of the Gambia' may decide to purchase some infrastructure like heavy duty equipment etc, to service their needs while eventually offering their own infrastructure as a service to other building projects, recouping their investment in purchasing these machine and creating additional income long term.

Here is a list of examples:

  • Brick-making machine.
  • Concrete mixer.
  • Borehole drillers
  • Water tankers
  • Small trailer or lorries.
  • Storage facilites.
  • Heavy duty equipment e.g pail loaders.
  • etc.
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