A JavaScript African Story And Some Legitimate Illiteracy. (With 2 Programmers)

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In this ulog, i invite discussion from two programmers hailing from Nigeria to discuss their javascript story. One of the brothers, i had just met on Facebook and contacted to join a stream. He has a group of 10 people in his team but they couldn't all join. They didn't know about blockchain either, something i will introduce to them in the part 2 of this livestream happening tomorrow.

Draft of ulog questions posed by a legitimate illiterate:

  • Tell us your power cut, nepa, php experience with regards to coding. What did you do when faced with this hassle?
  • Have you looked at the internet. Have you looked at it yet with the eyes of an African. Is there anything missing from it?
  • What does a laptop mean to you? How much does a computer mean to you?
  • How would you go about investment into the world of programming in Africa, where you have money?
  • Do you think blockchain plays any role in the advancement of the internet?
  • When it comes to applications do you think it is about the app beauty or the enterprise model and paradigms.
  • Is it possible to build say a Facebook with African paradigms and will it succeed.
  • What is there a particular type of inspiration that coding needs or can the regular inspiration work?
  • Upon having looked at the internet what is missing, say app type, feature etc
  • When is it easier for you to code, when you
  • Can you code for free, say to support a brother or play a role in historical history?
  • etc.
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