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The best kept secrete is not what is not accessible, it is dwelling right inside the one who needs it but the problem is ignorance. Every human contains an information about themselves that is necessary for their greatness.

You might have been told to wait for the light at the end of the tunnel, but now is the hour of action. No longer should we wait for the light but we are taking the light into the tunnel.

Every human is loaded, no single human is ordinary. The power of a human can not be underestimated. when we understand the content of a human then we can understand the concept of the 'legit illiterate'.

When you do an 'ulog', you are witnessing to the realities of the legitimate illiterate. This has to do with you pulling out of yourself things that only you contain. No one can originally produce what you were born to produce.

No one can serve better what you were born to serve.

You have an idea that is rare and can not be found anywhere else in the world. That's your uniqueness!

Many books have been written, a lot of topics have been studied, we magnify different subjects in the world but we sometimes miss out on the fact that all of these are some other people's idea. Almost all the innovations in the world were some 'ulogs' by others.

For example, we study Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday, Avogadro, pythagoras and many others that we study.

Have we ever thought about the fact that all of these inventions are 'ulogs'? Everything sourced within these greatmen. They created things that became a legacy for generations after them.

You can also innovate, create something and leave a legacy for generations yet born. I am @adesojisouljay, I just want to serve my generation and leave a legacy for the coming generations.

Each person's greatness is trapped in them, your greatness doesn't depend on an external factor. You came into the world with everything that is neccessary for your success.

A true definition of success is someone who understands how to pull out contents from the inside and pour something into the world.

Legit illiteracy is about self confidence and assurance. When you don't have to wait for people's accolades to feel important. It's about being sure of yourself and being original.


We need you to 'POUR YOUR LIFE OUT'

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