Orchid Wall at the Beautiful Kahala Resort.

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Orchid Wall at the Beautiful Kahala Resort.

I went to this beautiful Honolulu Resort for dinner and jazz music over the weekend. I enjoyed the stunning architecture, ornate furnishings and lovely art displays.

The Kahala Hotel & Resort is a luxury resort in Honolulu, Hawaii. It’s address 5000 Kahala Avenue is in Honolulu’s exclusive neighborhood of Kahala where real estate is about $100 per square foot.

The resort features give restaurants, unveils itself at the end of Kahala Avenue set on a white sand beach, a jazz club, Hawaiian Art SBD a beautiful IVY covered Staircase with these gorgeous orchids. The place also has stunning high ceilings, a 20 foot tall chandelier and its beautifully decorated with beautiful hardwoods and nice stonework of marble and granite. It’s a little taste of luxury ten minutes from Waikiki by car and 20 minutes from the Honolulu business district.

This is a promotional photo from their website:

Promotional Photo

But of course I took pictures...

The front room featured some beautiful antique Silver Decorations...

Photo by @shortsegments

I have always loved the hotel’s architecture..,

Photo by @shortsegments

The beautiful marble, the fine hardwood and the bronze decorative work is amazing...

Photo by @shortsegments

The metal work...

Photo by @shortsegments

There is a beautiful ivy covered staircase in the lobby lined with Orchids.

The orchids were very pretty

Photo by @shortsegments

Another orchid...

Photo by @shortsegments

And yet another Orchid...

Photo by @shortsegments

And a few other orchids...

This stunning yellow one..


This pretty white and pink one.


And another pretty white and pink one.


Or this gorgeous red one


There were so many. I hope the selection was good.

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Orchid Wall at the Beautiful Kahala Resort


the resort seems beautiful but as always very beautiful pics of flowers you take real nice photos

Thank you very much.

Wonderful content

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