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hello ladies and gentleman first sorry for my bad English I am I am a Moroccan Amazighe with 2 second languages ​​Arabic and French I learned English in high school but I did not know that one day I will need this language then accept my spelling mistakes and my beginner's language so I introduce myself my name is tamzaoui yes it is not my real name but I prefer to keep a little privacy on the net if the admins want to savor my name I send it in private I am 39 years old I am from Morocco (south Morocco)
I found the link to your site on google so I registered my level of study is 3 rd year high school in 2005 my hobbies I don't know there's a lot but when I start to think about it I find not one but reading and cinema and a lot other (if among you people who have seen the films green ligne they understand what kind of personality I am talking about) I have read for a many Arab and French writers for agatha chresti for victore hugo sthendal a bit of philosophy on religions too( the three religion) I have seen a lot of movies action drama science fiction since Alfred Hitchcock so as said I have a bit of everything for the blockchain I did a training on crypto this year before and after the fall and that's all and thank you for your attention


Greetings @tamzaoui01, I must inform you that you have this same post published twice within the platform which is not allowed, you can present yourself as many times as you want but with totally different publications, please delete all identical publications.

You must delete all repeated publication and make a new unique and 100% original

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I published my poste one time if you find another
Poste send it to me it’s juste a fault thinks

Hi @tamzaoui01

Welcome to Steemit.

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