Achievement2: BASIC SECURITY ON STEEM by @rashaa

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Question 1

Have we obtained and saved all steemit passwords?

From the first moment I got my passwords, the truth knew very little about what to do with them I was a little confused, then they explained to me that each of the passwords has a specific task and that they serve different purposes. I was told they were of utmost importance, so I'm saving them in a file with a password and a cloud backup.

Question 2

Knows all the functions and restrictions of the keys:

Each password has a unique function and specifies which I will explain:

Publication key
Activation key
Memo key
Owner key

Publication key:
this key is necessary so that we can publish, vote and make resteem, and that we must always use as a user of this platform.

Activation key:
this key is necessary to be able to perform actions of a monetary nature and to carry out transactions, such as starting and shutting down. and with them we can convert steem dollars. This key is also needed in order to make changes to our user profile.

Memo key:
key that serves us to make transactions and payments and which has the function to decrypt virtual currencies.

Owner key:
This key is the most important of all keys. is the master key This key is capable of generating all the aforementioned keys, including your own. We can call this key a master key.

Question 3

How we can keep the master key safe:

we simply need to save or archive it in a safe place and keep a backup of itself either in the cloud or in email.

Question 4

You know how to perform the power up process:

Here I will explain the steps of how to perform this process.

Step 1 go to our wallet and then enter it:


We must go to the section steem tokens select the option to transfer:


A window will appear with our with the name of our user and 3 empty boxes where we must complete the username to which we will transfer tokens, the amount of the transfer must be less than or equal to the number of tokens we have in our account.


Once we finish, we will insert our memo key with which we will decipher the coin.

When we do it correctly, we confirm that all the data is in the correct order and that the transfer we make this list.

Question 5

We know how to perform the power up process in steem:

It is something similar to the transfer, what we must do first will be to go to the wallet, then we go to the steem tokens section.

We give you the power up option


Then a window will appear with our user and an empty box where we will place the amount of steem tokens that we will use.


so i culminate my achievement 2 i hope it will be very helpful i say goodbye to you wishing you happy day

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