Achievement 1 : My introduction to steemit community : @nuhanya | 19.12.2021

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Hello everyone

It is a pleasure to greet you and it is a pleasure to be part of this great community of Steemit.


Introduce Myself

My name is Nuhanya Eshihe. I am 28 years old. I was born and raised in Indonesia. together with my family we have managed to start and maintain a small business selling cakes or cakes (as they say here). We have just over a year and thank God and with a lot of effort and perseverance we have done quite well. We have learned many things in a self-taught way and the experience has been very rewarding for us.

Since I was a child I liked pastries, I made cakes in the house with my mother and since then I learned it, later I made them alone and I dared to try other recipes such as cookies, lemon and parchita pie, alfajores, quesillo, donuts, churros, ponquesitos and more. I had my own recipe book and each time I was perfecting each of them.
I never imagined that that taste would become my job and that I would live on it.


I love going to the movies, cooking, eating (especially I love desserts, especially chocolate) I like music, dancing and enjoying good times sharing with my family and friends.

There is general knowledge about cryptocurrency. But there is much to learn about cryptocurrencies. I study cryptocurrency all the time. I enjoy learning it as a hobby.

I really have to admit that about this new world of platforms and virtual money I know almost nothing, even so, full of fears but with all the enthusiasm in the world and thanks to my great friend rohith is that I have started with this great and updated adventure of belonging to Steemit.

With this new experience I hope to grow in knowledge, open my mind and expand my borders, get involved in this new world and enjoy the process of meeting new people and learning from them. I also hope to share with you quality content and my personal experiences about how little I know for now about baking, psychology, motherhood and any other new interests that arise along the way.

Thank you for reading this little summary about me

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welcome nuhanya, to the steemit platform, here you will find a lot of knowledge, regarding cakes and cuisine in general, I love to make cakes ! welcome nuhanya, to the steemit platform, here you will find a lot of knowledge, regarding cakes and cuisine in general, I love to make cakes ! I encourage you to join the community #steemfood,I'm sure youI encourage you to join the community #steemfood, you will surely have fun

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Hi, @nuhanya,

Your post has been supported by @reddileep from the Steem Greeter Team.

Hello @nuhanya, I am very happy that you are active in steemit. By reading your presentation I think you have great potential to join the community Businessactivity, I invite you to visit it and if you have any questions you can reach me at Discord Litzney # 2144

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Welcome mam

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