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Hello everyone!
Wow! It's amazing finding myself on this platform. Well, before I go on, I am Francis C. Ngerem. A citizen of Nigeria by birth from Umuofor Amaimo, Ikeduru LGA, Imo State. I am the firstborn of my parents out of six children.

As an undergraduate studying Computer Engineering, I have been able to acquire my
First School Leaving Certificate
Senior Secondary School Certificate
Latin Diploma Certificate

Growing up as a teenager, I never thought I would have anything to write about as my hobby. But as time went on, I began to see myself enjoying the reality that I can cook. Not only that, I developed a keen interest in reading a lot having understood that whenever a man stops learning, he starts to deteriorate in knowledge.

Recently, I started developing an interest in doing exercise because before now I am not the kind of person that spends my time on sports.


John Heywood, a famous dramatist, in his era penned down that "Rome was not built in a day." I am still on the tour of what I will settle down with as my career. I am studying Computer Engineering because I am interested in inventing machines that will aid in the advancement of the technologies we have today that will be solving human problems. That notwithstanding, I am working assiduously to become a brand designer as also a career that will aid me in the propagation of the Gospel of Christ as His minister.

Initially, I was slack on registering on this platform because of my inadequate knowledge of how it works. But having been able to understand that steemit is a platform for rewarding her users on the content they made to educate others and all that, I developed an interest in the system. Although, outside of its rewarding incentives, I still like the fact that the platform is a conglomeration of great minds who are interested in learning new things everyday.

Finally, I want to use this opportunity to say a very big thank you to my beloved friend Bukky who introduced me to the system. @bukkyi4u, THANK YOU for enlightening me on this kind of opportunity like this.

Love you all!


Welcome to steemit dear. Please, to be verified, you will need to take another picture where you are holding a paper, but you will need to stand at another location preferably in front of a building or tree. Then let the writeup be more bolder.

Include the following hashtags

#introduceyourself #achievement1 #newcomers.

Simply edit this post and make the corrections.

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Thank you so much @ngoenyi for the correction update.

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