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"What is Plagiarism"

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“Plagiarism refers to intellectual theft i.e., using someone else’s thoughts in your work without referencing them. It’s taking the credit for someone else’s work, which goes against the rules of academia.

Plagiarism can take on a number of different forms. It does not just consist of copying but can also be an uncredited translation or the use of someone else’s ideas without referencing the author.

Forms of plagiarismDefinition
Plagiarism of textWord for word use of passages of text without source citation.
Plagiarism of ideasParaphrasing of a thought / an idea. The idea is presented as your own work by putting it in your own words.
Plagiarism of quotationsUse of quotations used by the author in secondary literature without clear acknowledgment that you are not quoting the original source yourself; here the author of the secondary source must be acknowledged.

Use of metaphors, idioms, phrases without source citation.

Translation of foreign language works without source citation." Source

"Quoting is not banned, quite the opposite in fact. However, the author must be named.

Quotations represent the measure of how academic a text is, as growth of knowledge is always based on existing knowledge. Once this becomes clear, it is necessary to be aware of what happens when sources are NOT correctly cited or when intellectual property is NOT shown as such. You can see this behavior as intellectual theft. " Source

Plagiarism is also known or referred to as Second Hand Creativity.Source

That is “an act or instance of using or closely imitating the language and thoughts of another author without authorization and the representation of that author's work as one's own, as by not crediting the original author." Source

It is important to understand that standards for reusing other people’s creative output vary from discipline to discipline and culture to culture. For example, in the United States our copyright law does not protect ideas or facts, but does protect the particular, original expression of an idea in words or images when they are expressed in a tangible form.
In some cultures, the concept of “owning” words that are arranged in a particular sequence may seem strange. People from these cultures may have been encouraged to repeat the words of others and incorporate them into their own writing without quoting or otherwise indicating that they came from another source. Other cultures accept the practice of copying phrases or sentences into a paper without using quotation marks as long as the writer shows where they came from. These practices are not acceptable in North American academic culture.
Creative expression of ideas through words, images, and other media is the lifeblood of this academic culture.Source

"Plagiarism occurs when you use another’s words, ideas, assertions, data, or figures and do not acknowledge that you have done so.
If you use the words, ideas, or phrasing of another person or from published material, you must
• Use quotation marks around the words and cite the source, or
• Paraphrase or summarize acceptably and cite the source.
If you use charts, graphs, data sets, or numerical information obtained from another person or from published material, you must also cite the source." Source

•"Fraud and copyright infringement are criminal offences and can be prosecuted as such, see Copyright Act §106 and Criminal Code §263; here a prison sentence of up to five years or a fine are discussed (cf. Oertner, St. John & Thelen 2014: 66)." Source

"You must always acknowledge your sources by citing them. In this way, you have the right to use another’s creative output by giving that person credit for the work s/he has done." Source

"I have read and understood the Steemit Etiquette on Steemit Community and will do my best to embrace them." Source

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