Hello Community, My Birthday In detail!!

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Hello Community,
Sorry for the delay for the post which I was supposed to post on my birthday due to power problem in our community I was not able to post by then.
So from 1997-02-08, I have seen more situations for example difficult one and smooth one.
At around 3 years only my mum left me with my brother due lack of basic needs for both me and herself and she chosen to leave with my big brother.

During the time with my brother I have experienced to the life without mummy in your life when your still young.
Me I was used to follow my mummy whenever she or her is going even in the bathroom I can follow her because of the love you know inside with your mummy and a son.

So in my big brothers home I was also copying the same features I was used to do with my mummy, My brother’s wife was so tough on me and she managed o chase to leave her alone mbu she did not produce any children therefore I cannot be near her.

So there is one day we were a home in the evening and the we as family we lack sauce on the food, You know what my brother do, he told that come and we go in the swamp with a basket and I followed him, we reached in the swamp and I did not know that he was going to hunt for what we are going to use as sauce on our local potatoes. So we waited guinea fowl to come and we trap at least one we can use as a sauce. So waited until 7:00pm towards to night without any guinea fowl and we packed our things to go back home without any sauce. So at around 7:40pm we saw a guinea fowl making a lot of noise around our home we decided to follow this guinea up to where it ends. So my big has a big stick we used to walk with and he saw where his guinea fowl rest, He trap this guinea fowl and we go when we are so happy.
We cleaned everything at home like sauce pans and we cook the food with a good a partite as you know hahahaahahhaahahaa that day wawo
My education career started at around 6 years due to lack of funds I go directly to the primary one without joining Nursery session. There from Primary one my education was a game tough on my side everyday chasing me to go home and bring school fees or tution up to the institution level. My sister she gave a goat which I reared and help me for school fees in secondary level.
And I must weak up in the morning to take the goat to the grass before I leave for a school because by then no one at home can help me to take it and to bring it back at home. (Bad hearts of my family people)
Me grow up without my father and I was so stressed in many ways to grow up because life with out father always tough always.
So there is a reason why am celebrating today 24 years on this earth.
I choose to help and start a campaign to help the needy children and children from poor families because I know the pain I pass through it.
So my community I call upon anyone out there to come and stand with me to help the needy and the those from poor families to enable them to reach on their dreams.