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How are you?
I'm Labannya Sarkar. Five days ago I joined this outstanding decentralized block-chain based blogging platform. Some days ago my younger brother's wife @tanuja told me about this group. I'm very happy to know this. It’s a large platform for self-development. So I'm interested. It’s not just entertainment, there are income opportunity here. That's why i like it more.
I love to read. I like listening to music and watching movies also. Sometimes I also write. I love to cook. And it’s my most favourite hobby.
I live with my family. My husband is a businessman. I also have younger brothers and a little nephew. He is very cute baby.


See you next time :)

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Hola @precioso01 bienvenida a steemit, espero ver tus recetas de cocina, saludos

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Welcome to steemit @lovely01. Best wishes for success both in steemit and in all your activities and goals. I share some links with you, hoping that these are useful for you. Congratulations on submitting your achievement 1. Achievements within this platform are very important to our development. There are interesting communities to publish and participate in contests. The recommendations of the representatives are very important. To Food, I recommend steemfoods. To write, Writing & Reviews Community. Steemit Nursery. This is a community for you, like Steemit Newborn, to be accompanied at the beginning of your trip on Steemit. For photography, the World of Xpilar Community hosts many photography contests. Follow @steemitblog for the latest updates and news about steem and @steemingcurators for the Steem Community contest and challenges. Notice Board of Newcomers.


Community or SiteLinks
The Diary GameThe Diary Game.
Steem FoodsSteem Foods.
Music For SteemMusic For Steem.
World Of XpilarWorld of Xpilar
Writing&ReviewsWriting & Reviews
Steem NurserySteem Nursery
Steem GeographySteem Geography
Notice Board of NewcomersNotice Board of Newcomers.
World of PhotographyWorld of Photography
Steemit Crypto AcademySteemit Crypto Academy

#onepercent #venezuela

Boht khoob 💖

Welcome to the world of Steem!

If you want to get started right away, the following community could be of interest to you:

You are also invited to take part in my daily delegation draws.
There are 100 and more SteemPower to be won every day.
100 SP can make the start much easier for newcomers in particular.
Here is the link to the current raffle:

I wish you a great time on our blockchain!

Steem on!

Yours @kryptodenno

Where do you live?

I live in Kolkata.

Use country tag in your achievement post

done. thanks

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You have been upvoted by tarpan, a greeter from STEEM POD Project and we are voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator03 account to support the newcomers coming into steemit.

If you have interested in crypto you may join in crypto-academy. Our Crypto Professors produced some great teaching posts and I hope you will enjoy it.

You can check out this link which provides the name of the existing community according to specialized subject

There are also various contest is going on in steemit, You just have to enter in this link and then you will find all the contest link, I hope you will also get some interest,

For general information about what is happening on Steem follow @steemitblog.

Thanks curator for supporting me.

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