Attention: Post your achievements only once and join the club5050/ Atención: Publica tus logros una sola vez y únete al club5050

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Hello newcomers. I greet you and welcome you all.

I hope that your arrival and stay in Steemit is a good experience.

The objective of the community of Newcomers is that through a series of tasks the newcomer introduces himself and learns the basic notions necessary to function within the platform.

The Newcomers community wants newcomers to join the Steemit platform, get to know and explore the communities and start posting their content.

It is not necessary to finish all the achievements to start interacting within the platform, there are many guides and support material that will allow you to do things well, as well as many moderators and country and user representatives willing to help.

Because the community needs to be organized and function in the best possible way, it is necessary to meet certain standards for its proper functioning.

The following rules must be followed by users:

Achievements must be published only once.

  • If your achievement has not been approved you should not republish. You must make the necessary corrections with the greeter who has attended you, and make the edition of your publication.

  • If your achievement has not been voted on you should not republish it. You must notify it in the publication requesting the achievements that have expired to grant the cash Up vote: Hello Participants of Newcomers Achievement Program: Expired posts..(updated 15/1/2022)

Achievements that are duplicated will be muted as a measure to prevent abuse.

Likewise, we invite newcomers learn to turn on at least half of their rewards and thus begin to be part of the Club5050.

If you have any questions, the Steem Greeters Team is ready to help and guide you through the Newcomers program so that you have a good experience.

Steem Greeters Team.



Hola newcomers. Les saludos y les doy a todos la bienvenida.

Espero que su llegada y estadía en Steemit sea una buena experiencia.

El objetivo de la comunidad de Newcomers es que a través de una serie de tareas el recién llegado se presente y aprenda las nociones básicas necesarias para desenvolverse dentro de la plataforma.

La comunidad de Newcomers desea que los recién llegado se integren a la plataforma de Steemit, que conozcan y exploren las comunidades y empiecen a publicar sus contenidos.

No es necesario terminar todos los logros para empezar a interactuar dentro de la plataforma, existen muchos guías y material de apoyo que les permitirá hacer las cosas bien, así como también existen muchos moderadores y representantes de país y usuarios dispuestos a ayudar.

Debido a que la comunidad necesita ser organizada y funcionar de la mejor manera posible, es necesario cumplir ciertas normas para su buen funcionamiento.

Las siguientes normas deben ser seguidas por los usuarios:

Los logros deben ser publicados solamente una vez.

Los logros que estén repetidos serán silenciados como una medida para evitar el abuso.

Así mismo, invitamos a los recien llegados a que aprendan a encender al menos la mitad de sus recompensas y así empiecen a formar parte del Club5050.

Si usted tiene alguna duda el equipo de Steem Greeters esta dispuesto a ayudarle y a guiarle a través del programa de Newcomers para que usted tenga una buena experiencia.

Steem Greeters Team.

 5 months ago 

Welcome dear
welcome to steemit continue to post your achievement using this guides
Lists of Achievements by Cryptokannon

You can check out our new community, where quality post must be upvoted before the expire, and give aways might be done monthly

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 15 days ago 

Felicidades por la información gracias

 5 months ago 

Muy buena actualización, es necesario enseñar a los usuarios desde el principio a cumplir con las políticas y directrices promovidas por el equipo de Steemit.

Very good update, it is a must to teach users from the beginning to comply with the policies and guidelines promoted by Steemit team.

 5 months ago 

Thank you @inspiracion it is well and duly noted. Will do just that

 5 months ago 

Thanks for the update and I’m happy such situation got noticed.
Imagine doing all the necessary things and your achievement is not verified still?? It happens to many and no greeter even comes to say Hi and so the Steemian knowing that his/her achievement has not been noticed will turn back to repost it.

Ive noticed that most at times people on this platform just seem to comment positive things even when things don’t go well and remediation cannot be made because management thinks all is right.

You will post an achievement task and no greeter will say a word to it for about a month and sometimes you even send the link to suppose comment section and they’ll still not do anything that’s why most people will redo and repost.

My opinion though.

Same thing I have been suffering for almost 20 days now I still have not been verified.

 5 months ago 

very good update dear @steemitblog team @inspiracion

 5 months ago 

You are working very hard and you will get a lot of profit from it .@inspiracion.

 3 months ago 

Well noted. Thank you.

 5 months ago 
 5 months ago 

Hola soy nueva, que beneficios obtengo con el club5050, podrias explicarme ? @inspiracion

 5 months ago 

Thank you for your direction. I want to ask, as I have just posted my achievement1 not up to 48hrs ago and it has not been verified, will I go on to post Achievement2. Please I need urgent response so that I will know next to do.

Hello, it is best to wait for your achievement 1 to be verified, to receive instructions on how to continue your achievement 2.

Achievements do not have an expiration date.

 last month 

Hola podrías ayudarme con mi logro #1 quedé en estatus de pendiente.

¿Igual puedo seguir realizando publicaciones?

 5 months ago 

Thanks so much. I appreciate your kind and urgent response.

 5 months ago 

Well noted

Please I need to be verified this is my achievement 1 post Achievement 1: Verification through introduction. By @tricky25

 5 months ago (edited)

plz verified my achievement 2

 5 months ago (edited)

plz verified my achievement 2

 5 months ago 

Alright. Thank you.

 5 months ago 

Excelente post.

 5 months ago 

Hello thanks for the updates

i hv always been a docile victim.
none of my achievement post was verified on time. i had to repost some like twice before its even noticed and corrected.
By now i was supposed to have done all the achievement post but naow I have not. One will expire in like 2hrs as usual nothing be done.

if you people don't want us to repost.
Attend to them on time.

Hi @echamroland

I see all your achievements have been verified.

You must not re-publish the same post, because this will be taken as a fault.

 5 months ago 


 5 months ago 

Excelente post

 5 months ago 

@inspiracion porfavor amiga se me venció este logro tambien 😥 no se cómo hacer.

 5 months ago 


 5 months ago 

Hello @inspiracion my achievement 1 task is 9days now, it has not been verified nor curated.. Pls I need your help. The link is below

 5 months ago 

This is encouraging, i will try my best to joining club5050

 4 months ago 

Please my achievement1 has not been verified over 21 days now. I didn't see this post earlier so I wrote new one. But this is the link to the first one . Please I am eager to explore ,learn and complete all the achievement task in order to be formidable with this great community. Please verify it for me.

 4 months ago 

Terimakasih ilmunya, sangat bermanfaat.

 15 days ago 

Gracias por la bienvenida

 5 months ago 

Well noted

 5 months ago 

Can anyone validate my second achievement please? 🙏

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