Achievement 2: Task: Basic Security on Steem by @havertz || MENTORED BY @CRYPTOKANNON

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Hello steemians,
Thanks very much for your great support and encouragement on my first post on #introduceyourself, the much love, upvotes and healthy comment I got from this Noble platform is really amazing, I am delighted to be among this great family. I really appreciate all that you did for me.
Today I wish to pursue my next task as new comer, as I am eager to know more. My Task today is about "Basic Security on Steemit platform."

Review of Security on Steemit Platform

One would ask what is security?In my opinion, security is the fundamental rule one should obey in order to get protected from thieves, loss of property, saving ones life or accident. So, transferring this knowledge in Steem is similar to protect one’s account from losses, hackers, compromising one’s account that can lead to discontinuity.

Having known this, it's very important to save the number of keys that one generated from steem as this is the most important for one to be secured in steem blockchain.
In view of these, I have retrieved all my Steemit passwords and saved them on my computer and Email. I also saved copies on my external hard drive.
In a tabular form these keys are listed and their functionality shown as well.

Keys Permissions
Posting Key Publish a post or comment
Edit a post or comment
Upvote or Downvote
Resteem content
Follow people
Mute account
Active Key Transfer Token
Power Steem up or Down
SDB conversion
Vote for witness
Place an order on an exchange
certain profile changes
publish a witness
Price feed
create a new user
Owner Key Reset owner, active and posting keys
Recover your account
Decline voting rights
Memo Key Send an encrypted message
view an encrypted message

Why should I be careful with my master password?
The master password is used to derive all keys for your account, including the owner key. It is also the most important key

I have read and understood the functions and restrictions of these keys. I keep the blog post on Keys in a handy place so I can be able to refer to the notes often.

Question 1
Have you retrieve all your keys on steemit?
Ans: yes, I have retrieve all my keys.
Do you know each of these key functions and restrictions?
Ans: yes, I have
Question 3
How do you plan to keep your master password?
Ans: I plan to save it offline
Question 4
Do you know how to transfer your steem token to another steem user account?
Ans: yes, I do after clicking on the steem in my wallet you will see transfer, then follow the instructions that follow.
Question 5
Do you know how to power up your STEEM?
Ans: yes, I know how to power up. When I enter the digits, I tap on the power up button and it does so automatically.

How to tranfer and power up

Go to your wallet click on the drop down and select transfer and follow the other steps gradually below is a pictirial representation of the process


Once you click on transfer it will take you to this page


You then supply the necessary information and boom you have succeded in transfering. Similarly to power up, go to wallet select power up and follow the procedure, below is a screenshoot of how the page looks like



I have just began my Steem journey. I would therefore want to learn and know more. Thanks to @cryptokanon and @simonnwigwe for their wonderful guidiance. I really found these tools by @cryptokannon very useful which is guiding me to learn more. I know by the time I finish with all the six(6) achievement tasks I would acquire more knowledge in Steem.

I can’t thank you all less for your wonderful contribution to me and all members of this great platform, may the Almighty God continue to bless and enrich you all for making these platform what it is today. I remain eternally grateful to all contributors of steemit.

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You haven't explained about the most important key that is master key.. edit your post and explain it !

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Read my post carefully and you will see where i explained about Master key

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@havertz you have edited the post and after editing you have explained it,now it is fine.congratulations you have successfully completed this achivement.
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Thank you

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Hi, @havertz,

Your post has been supported by @tarpan from the Steem Greeter Team.

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