This is hasan

Hello friends
This is hasan from Bangladesh.
I ma a mechanical Engineer now I am work at Korean company in Bangladesh.
Hope that you are accepting my entry to your community.


Thaks to all
Please upvote and follow me on steemit

 4 months ago 

Hello @hasanal010.

I am @tocho2 Representative of Venezuela in Steemit, as part of your growth career in Steemit we invite you Newcomers' Community, and you start by completing the achievement 1 and you reach at least up to achievement 4, you have a chance to be eligible for the program "500SP Minnowsupport ". Here is more information.

I extend this invitation for you to follow @steemitblog and find out about the new challenges and updates.

I can't say goodbye if you make another invitation to Steemit Nursery, in this community there are people who are joining like you, with many desires to learn to function in Steemit.

The CR team from Venezuela: @ adeljose, @ edili24, @ inspiracion, @ albenis, @ wilmer1988, @ miyexi, @ pelon53 and I (@tocho2), we are here to support you.

Remember to visit other posts, start following other blogs, vote and comment on your peers, each visit is a new friend and each vote brings its reward.

Hello @hasanal010, what a pleasure to welcome you to steemit which is a unique platform where you can find value in everything you like and want to share in a digital world of wide possibilities, I invite you to make your first achievement for this community of recent arrived with the following tips:

** PD: Don't forget your cover photo with your presentation poster and use the correct tags ( #achievement1, #introduceyourself, #tupais), once you make the corrections, answer me and name me in a comment and I'll come back **

It is important that your presentation includes the answers to the following questions:

  • Your name and your age
  • Your current country of residence
  • Your area of ​​study or work
  • Your experience with cryptocurrencies
  • Your hobbies, passions and what you don't like
  • What kind of posts would you be interested in
  • What kind of posts you think you will create (These can change, so don't feel restricted!)
  • How and by whom did you find Steemit (name it) and what do you hope to achieve here

You must make a "handmade" presentation poster and share a photo from the front holding it without effects or filters where both the poster and your face are appreciable, it must have the current date, your user and the word steemit.

Learn all about the achievements for new users here

Greetings 👍

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