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I really want to say a big thanks to @cryptokannon and to all her surbordinate for providing this task as I guide to all steemains.

I study the steemit Etiquette in the steemit community and have understood it and I have also be using the for a long time now.


To my own understanding, plagiarism is the act of taking what doesn't belong to you without permission.

And when we narrow it back to steemit, plagiarism is the act of copying someone's write-up or photo without referring to the source.

We have many types of plagiarism, but I will 3 type.

    Self plagiarism is the act of submitting your own work wether intensional or not, in different office or table in other to get different reward.
    Bringing it back to our steemit community, plagiarism is the act of making a post in a community and copying it to another community in other to get more earnings.
    When I was a newbei in Steemit few months ago, I fell into this mistake. By making post in the @danceandmusic community and after some hours I now copy the same post and posted it in the @steemalive community. After some time, they now tag the post Plagiarism then I did not know what it means so I needed to call my boss and he explained it to me, so I deleted it from the community.

    This is the act whereby the plagiarist copy a work or an idea that belongs to another Author "COPY AND PASTE" without quotation mark and without including the source.


Paraphrasing, or incremental plagiarism, is the most common type of plagiarism. It’s similar to the mosaic plagiarism style mentioned above. However, the difference is that the copied work isn’t mixed in with new concepts and research. When you paraphrase the original idea in your own words, the borrowed material stays the same throughout the new piece.


  1. Starting with a post in Steemit, One of the consequence of plagiarism is that it can make you to lose the rewards you are supposed to obtain from that particular post.

  2. Looking at plagiarism in the environment which we are in today, it can lead you to jail and facing other kind of humiliation in the public.

  3. In the school settings, plagiarism can make you to fall your exams and you can also be expelled from school.
    And it can also make the original Author of that work to be expelled also, because that when the school Authority see the two work or examination script that they are the same, he can just decides to punish the bot of you.

  4. In the music world where I belong to, Plagiarism is Singing a song that belongs to another musician and publishing it as your own without writing to the original composer of the song to take approval.
    And it can lead you to paying of fin and take you to court.

You can avoid it in many ways.

  1. You can avoid plagiarism as a student by studying you books and learn how to be yourself.
  2. We can avoid plagiarism in our steemit communities by using our "Brain work" as my boss @focunow thought us is one of the class we had in INSTAGRAM and by indicate the source of each copied work.


With the about write-ups we all saw what plagiarism is all about and the consequences that accompany it, we also saw how to avoid plagiarism with is the main point with is very necessary to us. Not only in the steemit communities but in our various places of work and place of study.

This is @caleb-marvel, and I really want to appreciate you all for your support and care for all steemains all over the globe 🌎🌎.

Jah bless and keep.


Wow, this is a good article. Very helpful for someone like me who is also newbie. :)

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Smiles.. 💐💐🦋🦋🌹🌹

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@caleb-marvel, Nice post and good use of markdown tool. Your Achievement task has been verified. You may now proceed with the next task

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Thanks sir, I really appreciate you sir.

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