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Let's get down to brass-tacks mates!

Living on board of a sailboat, you are constantly confronted with tasks which have to be mastered to the best of your knowledge, experience and logic without the help of a specialized expert. This can be anything from technical work to electrical, mechanical or medical tasks and it does not matter how good you are at it. You just have to be successful so that the crew and the ship are safe out there.


A review of a vital piece of equipment should be objective, insightful, and accurate in order to make it appealing to new users and to help them decide whether the tool is personally useful to them or not. We are sailors, adventurers, and storytellers with very limited knowledge about the tech of the Blockchain. So it is not surprising that our review of in our Achievement 5 will not be a representative one. We'd like to give it a shot anyway and I hope @steemchiller can forgive me if I mess up. We refer to the requirement - in our understanding and try to reflect what we see there.


First of all, appears very user-friendly and although most of the terms or abbreviations are still completely foreign to me, I find my way around very easily. On the website, I find an overview of 16 tools on the main page, which I will try to describe in my very own understanding.


As usual in many places, I get a dashboard which gives me an overview of my account. I immediately feel comfortable because everything looks like a proper wheelhouse on board although I can hardly interpret any of the data. Maybe the wheelhouse of a spaceship?! Ship is ship and I'm on that steem ship now. So at least, I fulfill the requirements of a bloddy beginner perfectly. I noticed quickly that I can see not only my own details, but also those of every other user. This made it a little bit easier to understand the numbers because there are too many zeros at the beginning of a newbie account to see differences.

It seems that I can control my whole account completely with this tool. Of course I have to log in with my keys for personal access, but then I can use practically everything. Here I see details about my balances, delegations, followers, and much more. A nice detail is also the small simulator with which you can see your account values with different estimated Steempower. You can find which rewards are due for payment and which have already been paid. Then there is also a kind of history where you can see every step you took with your account, no matter if it is a vote, comment, edited posts, or coming and going followers... The Blockchain does not forget anything. So better quit posting when you are drunk.

Witness Overview

I personally believe that it is still way too early for me to put a description to the blockchain about what a Steemwitness actually is doing. But if you wait until everyone has studied enough and can present the correct description, it will be a rather boring mash. Aye?

From my point of view, these Steem Witness are all somehow important Members of a Privy Council who pretty much rule the community. Probably these people are called Witnesses because they were there when the Blockchain was born. Perhaps they witnessed the writing of the foundation document and now meet regularly with dark overcoats for some sort of Steem masses. But it is more likely that they are simply users of the Blockchain, who over time have proven to be particularly trustworthy and were elected by the community. I suppose that they get some sort of superpowers that they use if someone wants to mutiny or to desert.

Wolfgang Weimer

Now this section shows a list of these Steem lords and their current rank. Here you can see all the necessary details about the respective Witness accounts and vote directly.

Block Explorer

With this tool, I can inspect the details of any block that has ever been produced. So if you know what you are looking for, I am sure it is written there.

Delegation History

The great thing about Steemit is that you can delegate your tokens. That means other pirates go out and care for your booty while you can do other things. Here you can find out who, to whom, when, how much has been delegated.

Transfer Search

This seems to be self-explanatory. If you are missing a transfer and have not been attacked by pirates, you should find all details here.

Account Creator

I was not aware that there was a waiting list. Now apparently you can apply for an account here or something like that. I guess this is about securing a certain name. Some people need more than one account and I guess you can buy them here.

Account Authorities

This tab is to manage authorities for your account with your account keys.

Account Recovery

In case your account has been compromised, entered, or taken over, here you have a chance to get back control. This can probably be done with an account where you have entered your details somehow in advance. Possibly the privy council members play a role here.

Key Generator

A password that can be remembered is not secure unless you have an extremely high IQ and can remember Tokyo Phone Book. It's not easy to come up with a really secure password yourself, so here is a handy key generator for the master password of your accounts.

Change Password

Can you use the previously generated password to actually change it in here? I don't get it. I can generate keys here too. A bit confusing but I don't feel like using my keys for testing purposes to do things I don't understand yet.

Copy Votes

Seems as if you can give a kind of general vote here. If I like the content of an author I can give him a vote which will be executed automatically when he posts or comments something in the future. I'm not sure if the basis for this will be my last action. So maybe multiple copies of my vote depending on whether the last vote was up or down. But since I don't know what my favorite author is going to do next, I will probably not automatically put my vote under posts I haven't read before.

Manual Vote

Makes much more sense because…, no wait, to me it actually doesn’t make any sense at all. Sure I can vote for an Authors Post manually, just as I can when I'm surfing through steemit anyway and give my upvotes. So why should I leave the ship?

Abuse finder

The tool is probably intended to take care of Steem Pirates. Those Swabbies who steal coins from their mates. These rats who take what honest steemians gathered in the sweat of their brow. Scoundrels who achieved great voting power with their booty and now vote for their evil intentions. However, that tool will recognize and find them. Let the ship's klaybauterman go and get them!

Proxy Info

I don't have the slightest idea what's that all about, but I don't think that's of much importance to me as a blogger on steemit unless I want to report live from the Gulf of Aden.

Witness Schedule

This is certainly not the meal plan for our Privy Council members. It also does not seem to be a timetable that specifies when the witnesses have to do their homework. Is it a kind of expiration date before witnesses go rancid? Maybe they have to be changed over and over again to stay fresh. Honestly, from here on, it would all be guesswork because I really have no idea.

Seed Nodes Check

Okay – stop it…

Thanks for your attention, I hope it helps at least some beginners out there who are even more clumsy than I am... if this can be the case at all. My best wishes to @steemchiller - you did a great job with this nice tool. Hello to @cryptokannon and @steemcurator03 and thanks for your strong support.


Captain Andy Bamba

 last month 

On achievement posts please avoid unnecessary things. It will help your post to stay focused on the achievement tasks.


What exactly are these unnecessary things in my perception?

It was the requirement to write a review about the tool - in my own understanding. This is exactly what I did. Whose opinion should I copy in order to be acknowledged?

It will not happen again. I only joined in for fun. I didn't come here to fulfill someone's achievements or to represent a given opinion.

 last month 

Chill brother. Why you are sounds like angry?

maybe perception issues? or because it is not my nativ language? I don't know, but I cannot be more relaxed. Nevertheless, I question things and do not automatically do what I am told for no reason.

@cripto2000 we appreciate creativity on the posts' task too, this newcomers clearly have that creativity and humor, we should embrace all kinds of users for the steemit platform to be really like other mainstream social media platform.

 last month 

yes of course dear, thanks for your kind reply on this topic

 last month 

Thank you for completing this task. You may proceed to the next achievement task at your convenience.😊
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Steem on!

Thank you very much. I'll try when I got it and I'm ready to talk about.


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