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Assalamu Alaikum
My name is Sweetie. I am from Bangladesh. I have come to introduce myself in this community.


I am a student. My hometown is in Kishoreganj Upazila of Nilphamari. I have never worked here before. I am working for the first time. We are two sisters, one brother. I am the eldest. My father is a teacher and my mother is a housewife.


Me with username


I love to travel, eat phuchka, and tell stories. My other hobbies are shopping, eating, sleeping. I don't need anything else. I also like to play with children very much. And I also like to help my mother in her daily activity. I love this all very much. How else also like these things?


I have completed my BSc from a reputed university, and now I'm studying in MSc with fisheries. I'm now stuck with my MSc studies because of this pandemic.

What i don't like

There is so many things that dislike. But the main things are, quarreling with others, I also hate to watch TV serials.


Our pond

I am very new to this crypto world but I love to write so that's why I joined this steemit community. I don't know anything about this platform. My big brother @ridoykhan22 told me about this platform and I'm very interested to join here. He told me that anyone can earn money from this platform.

There is not much to say about me. I am a very ordinary girl. Hope everyone will welcome me here, and help me to understand the community.

Thanks for your time Hope you like this.

 2 months ago 

hy sweeti,, welcome to this platform . Have a good day

Warmly welcome to steemit community hope you enjoy your stay and have fun with friends around the world ❤️

thanks for your reply. hope i will stay here for a long time

 2 months ago 

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Steem on!

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Hey! Welcome to steem blockchain, i can see you're a good writer. Steemit is a place for people like you. I hope you be active and also there is an ongoing game called #thediarygame it is a fascinating one, i know you would like it.

Follow @steemitblog to know the latest on steemit

Welcome once again.

thank you & thanks for your appreciation. i'll try to join the diary game.

welcome to you are successfully complete your first post. next join #thediarygame. if you need any help, you can knock me any time.

Thank you to be a part of steem

thanks for your help. i will join #thediarygame from today. hope you will help me.

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Welcome to steemit
Please join 'the diary game'
And follow @steemitblog account. Then you can know their daily update.
Have great day

thanks for your kind reply l. hope i will join from today.

Welcome to steemit @ayat525.

Thanks for introducing yourself. Good to hear that you love to write. You can get support for your good writing.

Diary game season-2 has been started. You can join here. Hope, we will see a nice diary blog from you. But, you will need a guideline. Hope, you will get that from here -

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i also want to join thadiarygame hope all will help me.

Welcome to this community. Hope you will be regular here. And join every contest you like. Follow rules and attended contests here.

Thanks for your reply. hope i will attend

Welcome to steemit sister.
I hope you can achieve a lot of success from here...


Hi @ayat525!
Welcome to steemit. Hope you will get a lot more thing from here.
Diary game season 2 has already started since 01/08/2020 which is run by @steemitblog.

you can also join the diary game by following this rules

Here is the rules and guideline from steemit blog
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greeting from @tarpan

thanks for your reply. hope will join the diary game. and try to follow all rules.

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Welcome to the steemit !


Hi, @ayat525. You are most welcome to the steemit platform and online community. Glad to have you joining us here. This is the best place for you to connect and learn from various bloggers all over the world.

Thanks so much for introducing yourself.
Always follow @ steemitblog for valuable updates and contests on Steemit including #thediarygame, #thelucky10s, etc..

You may now proceed to the next achievement task following the article here

I wish you a wonderful steem experience

i will try my best on this platform. thanks for your reply and kind support

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thanks for your upvote. this will be long way for me on this platform

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