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Plagiarism is not a culture that any author or writer should cultivate as it shows disrespect or disregard to the author of the original content you plagiarized. However, it is sad that plagiarism has been in existence among writers, sometimes it intentional and sometimes it happens by accident.

Looking for a definition of plagiarism, you can define plagiarism as the conversion of one's innovation and ideas to become your own work. Without painting the definition, it is called stealing or theft.


I have three types of plagiarism I will like to talk about!

Direct plagiarism

When an author copies another author's work, text for text, or content for content without referring to the original author, this act is termed direct plagiarism. Coping other author's work Intentionally is a wrong practice and can lead to serious court cases under copyright violation.

Accidental plagiarism

when an author unintentionally use some part of another author's work to write his own work which could lead to similar contextualization. This of plagiarism is taken seriously as it is always expected of an author to make proper research and cite sources where necessary.


This term refers to when an author create a content that's has his previous personal work in it. It not of a serious consequence as there is no third party involved. But it not the best practice for an author.

Other types of plagiarism can be generated from these ones listed above.


If you understand the implications or consequences of plagiarism, you will do well to avoid being caught in the loop. Understanding the concept of a topic will give the ability to write on that topic without copying someone else idea or content.



It is important to add some interesting and important information when writing. So it is expected to use paraphrase words so that you will not be accused of plagiarism.


This is a great alternative to avoid plagiarism. If a particular word or context is very important for your work or research, you can quote the word and make a proper reference to the original author. Example, when writing a motivational article and needs an already existing motivational quote.

An example of this is seen below.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. -Walt Disney

Cite sources:

To avoid the charges of plagiarism, it is necessary to cite the sources that you are lifting ideas or material from. This is what every writer should be involved in as this encourages the original authors too. Examples below.

Image Source


Just incase of skepticism and you want to check your work whether it contains a plagiarized content, there is free plagiarism checker apps on play store that can be very handy for use. Some of them give you a link to the original content and from that, you can choose to paraphrase the work or make the link a citation for the work.

I have read and understood the Steemit Etiquette on the Steemit community and therefore will try my best to embrace them

Thank you very much for your time!!


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