Bright colors of the sun this afternoon with their respective activities


Morning Step Together

By: Hony Sweet

I want to start a step together with a full morning sun

And the cool breeze and the joyful song of the birds

Life is not always fun, but there are phases of time that will turn things from difficult to easy

We know whatever we have right now is our property, but we also have to know that it is just a deposit from the real owner.

Not disowning, but sometimes our hearts are too greedy to say it

Currently beautiful is not created yet
But one day the fun will surely come
Where one day yesterday is the past that must be left as a memory gift from time
Which has shown a lot of experience

I want to start from scratch
Without any pebbles always controlling the journey of this step to arrive at the desired area

May have a quick look
Don't stare for long
The past let it settle
Make it only limited to fog suddenly then evaporates


Morning Symphony

By: Somo Lebuz Hoa Hoe

Beautiful sky shining sun
Beautiful singing that whispers to the heart
This is worldly beauty
Even though the steps were not as beautiful as the boat, life seemed to be broken

But life is not tired
Because beautiful is a gift
Don't be happy with a healthy body
Because death is unconditional

Don't be happy at a young age
Because death doesn't have to be old
Many sins that are not felt
Many mistakes are not in the form
If you wait for tomorrow it's still there
Are we still alive

Future Hope

By: Hony.S

Like a thousand candles glowing
Light up the darkness
That is my hope for the future

Don't break your steps, stay upright
The only reason is the potholes on the steps
Keep your legs swinging
Running unable to move further 'even'

When it's dark, shake it, don't run so crazy
Let him touch you for a moment
One day the bright light will surely embrace

Tomorrow is no longer now
Night turns to morning
Where the dark will run away
Changing to the sun glow

Think as wide as the ocean
And as wide as the land
One day, life may unite dreams to a bright future



By: Hony.S

It is not simple to convey a truth
Sometimes there is a big effect
That is so scary

The heart is the foundation
Where is the sentence of honesty that is according to the determination of his soul
Who is strong and responsible

Not in the name of being happy
Which when told a lie
Is to complicate an already complicated situation

And a lie is still stated that is not true for reality -not circumstances-


Meaning Disappointed

By: Misbahuzzaini

This perfection is ours
who has been injured
ever disappointed
Because with it we seek divine knowledge
The more complete the life story
Sometimes it's dim, sometimes it's dim
Interpret every problem
Menafsiri every worry
Continue to define and sort
Every crack
Every sharpener
Eliminate the slump
Under the shell of remorse

This perfection is ours
Who was ever joyful in lara
Live only once
We need to observe
We need to pay attention
What will we do when we die
Trying to drag on in heart anxiety

Because today
This morning
Perfection of life awaits
Eliminate despair
Knit happy yarn
Because it's nice to always be faithful to accompany us
Although it needs to be completed with the word disappointed

What's the meaning of being disappointed
If with him we can mature
Get to taste the perfect life
The more winding life is
The more beautiful the plot and the story for us to live with



By: NN

Silent mornings make raindrops friends
Silent lonely
I hung in stiffness
In a stock of sadness
My hope
But seemed reluctant to come
The morning has passed
Afternoon greeted us
Joke me from the length of wishful thinking

Slowly it hit me
Stand up and I opened the curtain of meaning
There was a light of hope
Light up
Throw away all fantasy and bitterness
Bitter is just a ladder to get used to trial and error

I have to stand firm
Hope lies on my shoulders
From wistful gazes
And dreams of the discourse of the time that must be passed
Get busy with the mystery behind the twists of destiny

I'll give him a smile
Color the day with love and whispers of hope
In a pinch of hopeless knitting
Until when the night greets
It unfolds mirages and reality
So I can interpret it
The meaning of true love,
My peace is rising
With the touch of His love.



By: Fefep Jodirson

Soak in the warm sun in the morning
feel it is ignorant of the water thought where it came from
look at the high mountains
in the jungle of trees
listen to the sound of the wind blowing at night
all seem to be in balance with our birth by destiny
the highest food chain
the bird chirp does not know it is happy or restless
all I need to know is that everything is available beyond the special word
Thank you, ya Allah, for the skies under the heavens that you have given to us

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