Steemit Future; the new technology of our time.

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Let me begin to thank the leadership who in their great innovations has given some of us the opportunity to share with everyone something that has to be on our minds. Over the past years, there are many wonderful ideas that l have thought of making happen someday. I am so excited that even though l never got a chance of a sort to demonstrate the dream. But it never dies. Inasmuch as steemit lives, great ideas will always come into a reality. The impacts that steemit has made on the lives of people l personally know is countless.

Over the years, l have gained a lot of connections here in ghana just for my presence here on steemit. It has opened a lot of opportunities for us apart from the amazing experience that we have been exposed to as well. I must confess that some of us cannot live without spending a single day here on this notable blockchain. Any day which simply goes without our presence on steem platform is wasted. We have a story to tell someday. The people who have testimonies to tell the world about steemit are the best to narrate how it feels. Steemit has done wonderful things for us.


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The Expectations

Having said that, there is this picture that has gotten over my mind. I live to see this someday. I once run a project with @ackza and @surfyogi to promote steemit here in Ghana. The emergence of steemit here in Ghana will certainly complete the project that l once started. It is basically about advertising steemit on all media houses here in ghana including TVs, radio, and newspapers. One among the medium was to make sure seem ads are all over the various electronic giant billboard screens in the ring roads of Kumasi. It looked a bit expensive at that time which discouraged this project.

But with the passage of time. steemit will possibly get the attention of the entire world. And at this point, all billboards on the street of Ghana and Africa will feature steem ads. Those screens will have to include videos of trending posts and blogs of people. The world seeing the great things that are happening here will hopefully involve them in whatever we are into. I am so much optimistic that, someday somewhere here in ghana, steem ads will flaunt on the various media houses in the country


One of the few things that made my stay here on steemit when l joined earlier was the fact that my internet data business was doing significantly well. I sell internet data to steemians at a very low price which they pay me back with either steem or sbd. Wasnt this amazing? The most common networks l provide their internet data are MTN, Vodafone, Tigo, Glo, and Airtel The good news in doing business here on steemit is that members do not have to go through any struggle in sending the money. However, there are no charges on transactions that are made on this blockchain. Going forward, l would love to see that, businessmen and a lot of traders will be signed up where they can simply sell all kinds of products to the world and get paid in steem.

You only need to get the item sold and all you get is your money. I never regretted selling internet data to steemians then. Ghanaians steemians enjoyed purchasing internet data from me at a very low price and without the difficulty in getting deducted. This was ad has always been a dream come true. I hope to see anytime soon that, many people bring onboard their business plans that could be sold to people. Once that is done, they are just to send in their payment to you here on steemit and that's just all for you.


Since whatever l invest my time and energy was getting me back my money was a great opportunity for me to deal more with selling internet data to steemians. After sometime later steemians from Nigeria began to buy some internet data from me which helped them. It will surely be a perfect world to live in. Steemit is the only platform that can give the world such a privilege. People would simply sell their products and get paid in stem or sbd. It is deduction free which will really help customers and people into the business to make some good turns.


In recent times, mobile money(momo) service has been the fastest growing financial means money is transacted. Ghanaians and Africa at large have simply adopted mobile money in receiving and sending people all over the world. Steemit has all it takes to link the wallet and phone numbers of people where steem can directly accept mobile money integration. I hope to see someday that, mobile money vendors can easily accept payment of steem/sbd for our local ghana cedis. Thanks to @anaman who started some years back to help steemians in ghana make transfers and withdrawals of stem directly into their momo wallet.

Ghanaians are tired of visiting banks to make financial transactions. And so the use of mobile money which is available always and anywhere makes life very easy for some. We hope to see many Ghanaians join the stem blockchain. There comes a day that steemit is going to host about half of Africans. When this happens, l expect to see mobile money integrated with stem wallet to enable Ghanaians to transfer or withdraw their stem account directly into their momo wallet. Likewise, it will be perfect for the momo service to as well allow its customers to send directly from their mobile wallet into their stem account. With the basic skills that we have on this blockchain, we can help people in ghana to buy some more steem power through their mobile money account. This will obviously increase the subscribers of a particular Telcom whose members are on the stem blockchain.

Be ready for the future

This is the new technology l encourage Ghanaians to expect. It is a work in progress. The children that we have helped with steem will all own their steemit account linked to their mobile wallet to be able to access their wallet easily. In effect, I will increase the number of Ghanaian steemians and beyond. But till then, we all have a unique role to play in promoting steemit. Share more with others, let us reach the future with excitement because it is here now.

Thank You, @mcsamm


I'm ready for steem future...

Let's get prepared for the basic life activities of steemit in our localities. Thanks for your readiness. The future is bright.

Steemit has many expectations in places like africa.

the future will be exciting

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Steemit is really the future. That's inspiring and we are in to make it great.