Finding peace in what nature offers us

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This photo has had me thinking for two days. I took it while walking in one of my forest baths because the sun was rising and I wanted to record the moment. My husband who never looks at these things told me "what a beautiful photo" I knew it was a special image and I said to myself "in this photo is God."
I didn't think about it any more, but then I took it closer and I noticed the green spot and later the white light in the center and some translucent shapes that are perhaps distinguished by the effect of the light.
I am clear that in this world there are things that we cannot explain and that there is much much more than what our eyes see.
My grandmother always told me "do you have faith?" "We must have faith! And although I answered that I did not want anything with the church, she insisted "I'm not talking about the Church, I'm talking about the Faith." Whether you have faith.
These days I have been reading a lot about depression and one of the things that I read is that the most effective cure for that or any emotional illness that afflicts us is hope, which I carry by hand with Faith, or trust, certain that everything will be fine, that we are not alone in this universe, that the world is a beautiful place (although it is enough to see Twitter or the news to be convinced otherwise). I think then that this was what my grandmother wanted to tell me, her great gift for my life: to believe, in me, in people, in what I see, in what I don't, but above all in love. In this photo there is love, be it exactly what we see or there is more behind it, this photo is love: light, nature, peace. Because to heal completely, not only is it enough to heal the mind and body, it is also necessary to heal the spirit.

Cc, @badsha1

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