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good night all friends, and have a good rest and I hope you are still in good health always, and on this happy night I want to thank the @badsha1 and Whole-Wold's Diary and community for trusting us both @humaidi and @mdshafi to be moderators.And hopefully in the future this community will be able to grow and be able to produce amazing content.

And my hope for the future

  • We will have a contest every week.

  • we can all unite to build this community.

  • can produce quality content.

  • and the contest that is held can run smoothly.

  • and I hope all community members can help delegate steem power.

  • And can share 10% rewards to the @whole-world account for our progress together.

and that's my wish for all members of the community and I wish us all success here.and if there are words that are not clear, and impolite, you can comment below so you don't misunderstand, thank you.

©Thank you for reading

Greetings From Me @humaidi

cc :




wow,, this is a sign that the community is growing faster, we will help as much as we can, so that this # community can grow quickly.


 7 months ago 

thank you very much @steem-muksal and you can also take part in several contests provided by our moderator

ok, God willing, if there are no obstacles or obstacles I will take part in the contest held in the community #WholeWorld'sDairy

 7 months ago 

I hope our community is more advanced, by publishing amazing contests every week and this is amazing friends

 7 months ago 

thank you very much for the comment

 7 months ago 

Welcome you are

 7 months ago 

Selamat atas @humaidi dan @mdshafi. Semoga komunitas ini berkembang selalu

 7 months ago 

Thank you very much @hermankpsn

Congratulations brother...

 7 months ago 

Thanks a lot @razuan12

Congratulations our mod

 7 months ago 

Thanks a lot,,@rokon025

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