SEC-S6W2: "I Am a Teacher | I'm my sister's teacher"

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Hi steemians, hope you are doing great.
I am very happy to participate in this contest, the topic is the one of each and every day. You can find all details about the contest here by @steem4bangladesh. As a student in biology, I will tell you about my experience in teaching my little sister.

The importance of teaching in Islam

Prophet Mohamed - may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him - said: “If the son of Adam dies, his deeds are cut off except from three: ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge, or a righteous son who prays for him.” Narrated by Muslim.

Allah almighty created man and endowed him with the means of knowledge that help him to search and experiment, so he provided him with all the tools of knowledge, and prepared the earth for him for that, just as he created hearing and sight for him to help him seek knowledge, so he said in the Holy Qur’an: {And Allah brought you out from the wombs of your mothers knowing nothing and Allah gave you hearing, sight, and hearts, that you might be grateful.}

The virtue of the teacher in Islam
Allah Almighty has elevated the status of the teacher in Islam and gave him rights over his students, so the student should adopt the morals of knowledge with those who have merit over him.

Whose teacher are you? Do you teach for a living?

I'm the older brother of my sister, she is nine years old now. When she was born, I was asked to take care of her from my great grand mother(May God have mercy on her), my grand mother, my parents and all member of my big family. They keep saying that I'm my sister’s support, her protector, and her main line of defense after my father. I have a role in advising her, befriending her, and taking her hand

Well, understood. At that time I was rather jealous but now I feel responsible for her, she is my little princess.

What challenges have you faced as a teacher?

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As my sister's teacher, I was used to explain some lessons to her from time to time but starting 2020 and during the lock-down due to Covid 19, I was more and more involved because we were studying from home. Also, during the first weeks, I was with her 7 hours per day, I attended all calls with each and every teacher from her school, was supporting her to do homework and I tried to reassure her during this period as that wasn't easy for all of us.

I was answering all her questions, preparing food, playing with her during breaks and trying to convince her to take a siesta once in a while

I learnt a lot during that period and my sister was my subject.

How do you create a learning environment that is both stimulating and supportive?

Covid19 was a good experience for me to learn some tips to create a learning environment that is both stimulant and supportive with my sister


Trick 1:
To encourage my sister, I promise to give her some chocolate and marshmallow if she do well in her homework

Trick 2:
Let her check and/or play with her tablet

Trick 3:
Start studying too to show her that I'm doing my homework


And it works with my angel all the time.

Try it and let me know if it works with you with your children or your students

What professional development opportunities have you pursued to improve your teaching practice?

As a student in biology, we are used to making presentations for many projects where we explain each topic and prepare ourselves to answer questions where we should be pedagogue.

At present, higher education is very expensive. What is your opinion on this, or is there any alternative to it?

Absolutely agree, In my country this depends on the grade you obtained in your three years in high school and the last exam you passed. If you got a good score, you will pass some exams to join the major engineering schools or the faculty of medicine or equivalent for free. For the others, they will join the university for free too, but they will count on themselves to get a good marks so as they can join other major schools next year (the study in the university is a little bit difficult as amphitheaters there had many classmates)

So if you want to prepare your career, you have to be brilliant during your three years in high school

Thank you for reading through my post.

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A teacher also has a duty to train his students to have basic skills and prowess. If in public schools the teachers train students on basic skills and abilities, then in vocational schools the teachers provide advanced skills and skills. I also share posts about teachers, if you have time please take a look and I am very happy.

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Thanks friend for your comment, we need to see more committed teachers in public schools, they should feel guilty if they don't do their job as it should be. Unfortunately because of the non efficiency, of some teachers in public schools, parents, who are able to pay private schools, went there all the time.
I'll check your post too

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Saludos amigo, felicidades. Veo que tu linda hermanita de 9 años tiene en i, un gran maestro. continua con esa mística de trabajo. Saludos cordiales y éxitos en el concurso!

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Buenos dias amiga, muchas gracias. Es mi hermana y mi ángel. Ella también quiere ser maestra

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