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There are many men who are secure, support their wives, push them, celebrate them and still Madam will never be Kamala Harris nor NOI. Their definition of success is not the same as yours.


I know someone whose husband has invested millions in her education, introduced her to his networks for job or project opportunities, given her money to the tunes of millions to start her business, and to this day, there’s no business to her name. Her CV, which she cannot be bothered to write, will only show different Masters degrees and even a PhD that she has no intention of using.

Madam is just happy being Oga’s wife. With her domestic staff; nannies, chef, servers, gardeners, driver, personal trainers and personal assistants.

Her sense of fulfilment is not less than what Kamala will be feeling today.
There are many women whose husbands are insecure, unsupportive, misogynistic, myopic, narcissistic, and these women will still find a way to thrive and succeed.

There are women who have built empires without the support of the men in their lives.
Women who work their butts off to see their kids and dependents through schools and meeting their family’s need while putting up with all sorts of sexism and manipulations from the men in their lives.

While we encourage our men to support their women more, let us not also make it seem like a man’s support is an absolute necessity for a woman to succeed, walk in her power and influence many positively.
We don’t tell men the same.

May we not unconsciously promote the narrative that a man’s support is the magic ingredient that makes a woman successful.


No matter your gender, if you want to succeed, you need to work, and hard too.
No one has the magic formula - no matter how nice or supportive they are.
You need to already have something going for you.

You need to have the heart and head for being a success.
You need to want to be a success.

You need to have the wherewithal to overcome difficulties - no one saves you from those.
Woman, man, if you want to succeed, there are so many things you need to sort out.
A good spouse is a really really nice extra. But it is not the reason why Kamala Harris is the VP of the United States of America today.

Same applies to men - there are men with cantankerous women who are like leeches. Women who will suck the energy and the life out of the men in their lives.

And there are men and women who will go it alone and still get the results that will help them bless themselves and the world around them.

In any relationship, if the two walk together, they will have more results for their labour.
If they don’t, each should try and achieve enough success to carry him or her.
There are many dynamics to power couples that you will never see nor hear about.


There are many dynamics to marriage or union of any kind that you will never see nor hear about, nor even imagine.
So, as we all make blanket statements and Motigbeshional posts about the union between Kamala and Doug, let’s all remember that.

And let’s all continue to work on our relationships and build them to be the best as best as we can.
With love always.


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