There is hope

You don't care about my opinion he yelled at her and all she thought was: there is hope, I can still hope he will change no matter how hard he hits or hurts me. There is hope. I'm his treasure he doesn't mean to hurt me. He doesn't mean yelling at me, he doesn't mean it if he says he will leave me. There's hope.

It wasn't the first time he screamed, raised his hand, spat at her face and broke her.
The reason wasn't worth the fight. The topic 'pollution' drove him crazy and if she only would have kept her mouth shut instead of spoiling the evening after they went out. Fine dining ended in being beaten up, three more fractures, vomiting blood and waiting for the ambulance. Her very last thought was: How I wish he had a car crush.


Prompts #weekendfreewrite:
my opinion, there is hope, treasure, pollution, fine dining, car crush by @mariannewest



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