Creativewriting || It's sad that the teacher's fate is not commensurate with his responsibilities

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Greetings steemean friends


Dear friends and all community moderators. On this occasion I again describe my writing about the sad fate of teachers who are not commensurate with the burden they bear.

In the eyes of some people, being a teacher is already getting a good position in the economy. But the real reality they do not know. Moreover, honorary teachers sometimes carry out this noble task without being paid anything.

I just gave an example in my beloved country, tens of years honorary teachers have served to educate the nation's children. But in that long period of time, their fate and well-being are still in place.

For the sake of this noble task and his beautiful ideals, a teacher is willing to spend decades just to serve his beloved country by creating an educated next generation.

However, sometimes their noble duties are not taken into account by the education providers and also the relevant government. Sometimes they don't get even the slightest salary as wages.

Their fate as honorary teachers is indeed very sad. The dedication and effort they give is not what they get. But because they already love this noble task, they can't help but have to live it up to an indefinite time limit.

Every day they hope for change. The wear and tear of clothes after decades of service is immeasurable. Sometimes you have to spend money first for them to come to work. Sometimes the sincere sacrifice they give no one considers it.

The task of making and educating children into useful people. Stay loyal they carry it. They really hope for the prayers of their students, hopefully in the future the fate of the teacher will change towards goodness and always be healthy so that they can always carry out this noble task.


Viewers, that's my short writing on today's occasion. Which of course the best suggestions and comments are very open for you to respond to. Thanks.

Regards @teukuipul87

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I would like to extend my gratitude to all my friends who are sheltered in this beloved community, as well as to all the moderators and brothers who have devoted a lot of energy and effort to the progress of this community.


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