The Diary Game Season 3 (06-16-2021 ) Le Cusina Den- Dedication & Birthday Celebration

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Le Cusina Den
A Dedication & Birthday Celebration of Matteo Luis and Aiesha Ellvia

Le Cusina Den is located at the 2nd Floor TG Homebuilders, KM3 2600, Aspiras - Palispis Highway, Baguio City, Philippines. Another landmark of this place is that it's located in front of the Moldex Residences Baguio. Me, my girlfriend and colleagues were invited to this event by our former colleague. It was the birthday & Dedication Celebration of her children. This was our first time going to this place. There are 6 slots of parking inside the building but you're going to be blocking the first cars inside so if ever somebody has to go out they have to call all the other drivers. Parking on the street is kinda risky, I think there's a chance where the police would ticket you/. Though, my other colleagues had to park there.

Before, we started eating we had the Dedication in the reception area. This was where the pastor was preaching and telling us what it means to be dedicated. After that, we had to go in front as godfathers and godmothers of both children. The pastor let us sign something which stated that we were their godfathers and godmothers of them and it also said where the event took place.


After the dedication comes the eating part. If you look at the first photo, that was the setup for the food. Most of the food was placed on catering warmers. There were different kinds of food, from chicken, spaghetti with meatballs, palabok, Pork BBQ, Shanghai Lumpia(One of the Favorite Party dishes of us, Filipinos), Fresh lumpia and Pizza.

On the far right side, there was the dessert table and the photo booth. The photo booth had slightly wet paint, when they took our photos, they were telling me to avoid the red paint. The dessert table had brownies, cakes, and cupcakes(The cupcakes were made by our colleague, their mother).
This was the food that I got, their food was good but wasn't too great. I wasn't able to try their specialty which was the fresh lumpia, but our colleague beside me said that it was delicious and said that they should have served this at the start of the line instead of the last.

One thing that I loved about this place was the view, you can see so many trees compared to houses. It really had a relaxing view.

The place had a Japanese theme, but they were serving Filipino food. I was wondering if they served Japanese food also. In the photo below, that's where we stayed. It was kinda hot inside because we were beside the kitchen and there barely any ventilation. But it was a really fun time because we got to catch up with our other colleagues. And now we have to become responsible godparents to our godchild.

Thanks for reading and Stay safe always!

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