The Diary Game Season 3 (06-15-2021 ) Finally it's Shining!

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Good Day Guys!

Before everything else, I just want to ask how are you all doing? I hope that you are all doing great in life! Yesterday, I just took an exam, and I'm just waiting for the results. The anxiety is already kicking in, regarding the status.


I was really when I went shadow hunting because it started shining because these past few days the mornings were gloomy. I went outside and spotted the family of cats near our house. My brother was feeding them. I'm quite shocked that they all stay together, even the dad is with them. The one with the gray and white coat is Fracture and he's the dad and the White and Black one is Shaka. Just look at their offsprings. The one behind Fracture just looks like an exact carbon copy. You can also see the shadows of the plant that's giving them a little shade.

I then went up to the garden of my grandma and walked to the grotto, on my way there, I spotted a shadow that really looked unique. If would describe it, it looks like a grenade blast haha.


This is the grotto, and this has been there ever since my grandparents built this house. Sometimes we go there to pray.

From up there, you could spot different kinds of shadows coming from the plants and trees that are located there.

If you are curious what made that grenade blast-looking shadow it was that pointy plant. I was also shocked that we had 3 bunches of bananas growing on the trees. I can't wait for them to ripen and taste them.

As I continued walking, I spotted the Dragon Fruit Plant. If you look closely the flower buds are starting to grow. It already produced fruits before but I never tasted it, so I'm also excited to taste these.

I also took a random photo of this flower. I'm not sure what they are called but it looked really pretty to look at.

As I was walking back to my place, I was looking at the kittens. They are at the stage where they are really afraid of humans wherein they would hiss at you and run away if you try to go near them. I spotted one under the shade of the plants. He must really feel protected there and it must be really cool.


Later that day, I received a package from an online shop. I had to order food for our cat named Yoda because he had no food already.

It was really funny because as soon as I put it down, he was the first one to go to that package.
I think he really missed eating these kinds of food. So we opened it and fed him. He actually finished the bowl really fast which is unusual because he usually leaves food for our dog named Pierre. It was really a fun day of shadow hunting. I was finally able to achieve it after looking for the sun. To whoever is reading this I hope that you are all doing great!

Thanks for reading and Stay safe always!

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