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Hello friends,

It's so good to here today. It's already week 3 of Steemit engagement challenge season 8 oh! how time flies. I would not want to miss this week's topic because it's an opportunity for the world to hear my story.

My first story-(Homeless but a blessing)

Have you been homeless before? While I was in the university I had two best friends. We did almost everything together. We even lived in the same school hostel.

FB_IMG_1574445048103_2.jpg I my two friends back then

Paying for our accomodation was never an issue, because we had mummy and daddy sending money to us and taking care of us. We finally graduated and mummy and Daddy stopped been in charge of our bills. Over here in Nigeria most times when a child is done with the university education, parents off their hands from financing the child. They expect you to be a grown up and take care of your needs. This was our situation.

We didn't have a job at that time, our rent just expired and the landlord was threatening to throw us out if we didn't pay. My friends and I wanted to stay back in that city because we got committed to God and church affairs. The issue got worse when the landlord came to our apartment with another occupant, introducing her to us as the new owner of our room.

That morning we packed all our belongings out from the apartment, called a friend who helped with his cab to transport our belongings to the church venue. ThankGod it was on a Thursday, that was our midweek service. We stayed in church until 5pm when members started coming to church.

We joined the service that evening with smiles on our face but in our heart we were worried, we didn't know what will happen next after church. After the service, we sat outside, I and my friends thinking of where we would spend the night and who to tell about our problems. Some person's saw us and probably felt maybe we were waiting for someone. And it was getting so dark. With tears in my eyes I said God help us.

And suddenly, a brother from church walked up to us and asked why we were still around? We told him we were homeless. He said "Don't worry I can help you" our face was brightened and he made some calls and took us to some ladies house to stay until we get our own place.

My friend and I was so happy and grateful to him. That night as we slept at the ladies house, one of the ladies started screaming her tummy!! We all woke up and didn't know what to do. My friends and I, joined our hands together and prayed fervently for the lady and instantly the pain stopped. And we slept in peace. The next morning she began to see us as gods. Hahah! She prepared something nice and gave to us. We ended up living in that house for 2 weeks.

If we were not homeless we won't have gone to that ladies house that night and maybe she would have lost her life that night.

Story Two -(Problems here and there but I got freed)

Some years back I moved into a new city totally different from where I grew up and different from where I schooled. I moved into this city not because I loved it but because I was compelled to do so.

I didn't have an accomodation, I didn't even have money to take care of my personal bills and of course as a woman, I should not lack money.

living-room-g0e8da30a2_1920.jpgperfect description of my pastor housesource

I moved into my pastors house and thought my accommodation problem was over, but now I have to think of a means of transportation from the house to church and to other places of engagement. Where my pastor stayed at that time was really a far distance.

Every night I would cry and pray that this cup pass over me but it seem like the cup refused to pass. My pastor lost his accomodations and I was left with no where to go. After much consideration, I moved in with another lady from church. She was nice and she took care of me.

After few weeks we became 4 ladies in her apartment and then problems started. One of the ladies was really a torn in the flesh. She makes trouble everyday. But before this particular lady came we were all living in peace. She had lots of baggage along. I just could not handle. I wanted my sanity but I could not afford it.

After continues troubles from her, I made a decision to leave that house no matter what it will cost me, I started planning and saving. And finally my freedom came, I got my own apartment and left that house.

I won't have taught of having my own apartment if all the troubles here and there didn't come up, maybe by now I would still be in that house living with people, God forbid!

Third story- (lockdown gave me sense)
light-g3f1bb2e33_1920.pngMy brain thinking fastsource

In 2020, one morning we suddenly woke up and noticed there was a breakout of a disease called COVID-19. At that time I was living in the city where it first broke out-lagos state. The government declared that there city will be lockdown to cut down the spread of this COVID-19.

Before the breakout of COVID, I didn't see the need to work online. I preferred going out daily to search for my daily break. But now I have to stay indoors for several months. Infact the lockdown was for 8 months.

More people died of hunger than people who were affected by the virus. Citizens lost their jobs and hunger was spreading. Crimes was dominating and I was not left out. Some days I went without food because I had no money. began searching for what to do to make money and survive. I ventured into online stuffs, some crashed or failed and before you know it, I met steemit. And my life changed for better.

If the lockdown didn't take place I won't have discovered my passion for writing. So you see I got sense.


There is always a silver lining at the end of our troubles only if we can be patience to go through it.

I have had my share of bad experiences and I became better through them. You too can do the same.

I invite my friends to join this contest @josepha @solexybaba @ninapenda


Thank you so much for inviting to the post which you have written so well. Best of luck to you.

Yes boss thank you for your great wishes

Homeless but a blessing. From this story I learned that keep doing good and get closer to goodness, then good things will follow you. Good post. Good luck for the contest. I have also participated in this contest.

Aww! Thank you so much, am glad you learnt something.

Thank you for your best wishes

di balik semua itu, seringkali terdapat silver lining yang bisa kita temukan.

Yes there is..

You have done greatly to have invited me to this beautiful contest. Thank you so much for the invitation, expect my entry soon.

You are welcome boss.
I wait for your entry

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Thank you so much for your review

@ruthjoe greetings!!!!
I like your post and your silver lining. I can understand the pain of homeless conditions and the suffering when you are living at rent.
And still you are not in position to pay rent. Its really tough but with the courage we have to bear it, as after bad day a good day is waiting for us.
Best wishes

Thank you so much for all your compliments.

It's nice to see you support my post with your comment

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