My Favorite Viand | "Bihag Soup" Recipe

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An opportunity to participate with the newest contest of steemitphilippines community. With regards to the theme What is your favorite viand? contest...

Infact, I am so excited to join these contest inorder to highlight some of the Filipino food. Which not totally known by other races here in steemit...

And actually I have many favorite viand but I had to choose this recipe because it is not commonly sees viand on the table. So in behalf of my entry which I have here and I had to featured in the contest was this "bihag soup" recipe...


For sure all Filipino's was already know and get familar for what is bihag? Most specifically to the Filipino people who really loves cockfighting. But little bit knowledge to other nationalities for what is a bihag?

Bihag- is a Visayan word which is a slain rooster that died after cockfighting. Or something that dies because of the wounds that commit after the fight of the rooster and that has a weapon that put on it's feet. And the cockfighting weapon that uses by cockfighter lovers was called a buwang/tari in Visayan...


Although I am not a cockfighting lover but I just only loves to cook and eat a bihag soup recipe...

So this is it, started with my simple and own ways on how to prepare and how to cook these bihag soup recipe...

Bihag1 whole body
Lemon grass1 bundle
Salt1 1/2 tablespoonful
Umami1 sachet
Water1 1/2 pitcher


How does it I prepared and cooked?

• Chop the whole body of the clean rooster (bihag) into exact sizes.
• Wash it properly with water.
• Put it on the cooking pot.
• Add the salt.
• Followed the umami.
• Then put the bundled lemon grass.
• And put it on the wood fire.
• Cook it for 20 minutes. Enough to comes out the rooster meat water, juice and smell.
• When the meat water is almost dries. Add the water.
• Cook it for almost 1 hour inorder to make it soft and smoothen.
• When it is already soft/smooth. And water looks oily because of rooster meat.
• Then finish and ready to eat.








So this is my entry, hopefully I can submit another one soon...

Nya mangaon nata...

With warm regards...


 2 months ago 

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 2 months ago 

Pilay pusta ani sir?

 2 months ago 

Gihurot tanan sir. Hahaha..

 2 months ago 

Thank you. Such so grateful for choosing my post nadia..

 2 months ago 

Lami ni😊

 2 months ago 

Maojud sir..

 2 months ago 

Wow sarap to sir

 2 months ago 

Maojud brad. Samot pus an ug sili nga halang. Paksit...

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