Steemit Philippines Community: Weekly Report by @me2selah as Moderator | 12- 01- 2022

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Hello Beautiful People of Steemit Philippines!

How are you all? As one of the community moderators, one of the task is to evaluate posts in the community and to choose three (3) recommended post of the day for @booming's support. In behalf of our team, I would like to thank the Steemit Team for the support they have given to our dear community. As our way of gratitude, we encourage our members to continue to produce original and quality content. We strongly encourage everyone to participate in the #club5050 project of the entire Steemit community.

Participating and committing to join at least #club5050 will give your post higher chances to be recommended though upvotes are not guaranteed. But still we are hoping that all of our top posts will be given upvotes accordingly.

For this post, I would like to make a quick report of what I did during the week.

TOP 3 Posts for the Day

Burnsteem25|| November 28,2022|| The Diary Game Season 3|| "Food Pack Distribution" by @jb123

Maganda ang tumulong sa ating kapwa lalo na sa mga taong malapit mawalan ng pag-asa sa buhay. Makakapagbigay tayo ng kasiyahan sa kanilang sarili dahil sa kanilang natanggap na kahit kaunting tulong lang man ay sa puso nanggaling. Mapanatili rin sa pamamagitan counseling at pagbahagi ng salita ng Diyos na magkaroon sila ng pag-asa at magsimula ng bagong buhay kahit nasa piitan sila. Ang ibabahagi ko sa inyo ngayon ay ang pagbibigay namin ng mga pagkain sa mga preso doon sa Initao Jail. Parte ito ng programa sa aming simbahan at sa organisayon na tinatawag na Couples For Christ at Gawad Kalinga. Napadisisyunan ng lahat na ang nasabing programa ay doon isasagawa sa Initao Jail.

I Hope I Can Buy a New Tricycle for My Father by @shula14

I'm happy to see my father happy even with his old tricycle. Look at him even sitting at the top of the tricycle. I wanted to buy a new one for him. Back then, we have a tricycle which is too old. When my sister bought a new motorcycle, she gave this old one to my father.

My Verification Post @kelly21/November/2022 by @kelly21

Just as one of my favourite musician will say, first of all introduction, my name is Kingsley I'm from Nigeria, based in the southern part of the country basically River's state portharcourt city to be precise.

I'm new here at steemit but i have remained consistent ever since i joined officially, i have written my achievement post's up until achievement5 task2, for the link click here you will get to read.


Posts Curated and Engaged With



Thank you everyone for sharing your quality post to our community.

We also encourage every member to be active in commenting to other member's posts. Continue to participate in all our contests, the Diary Games, our Weekly Contest, and a lot more. We also ENCOURAGED our members to power up and be eligible for a club status.

This will be all for my weekly report and we are looking forward to more quality content from our members to be considered as one of the top 3 posts picks of the day.


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Take care everyone!

Your Visayas Area Moderator,

Met @me2selah


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Thank you so much!

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congratulations po sa lahat ng napili😊

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Congratulations to the choosen ones lets all grind and God bless us all po

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