The Diary Game Season 3 (06-16-2021) | Increasing COVID Cases in Bohol

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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

The weather these past few days are doing great! The skies are clear and the clouds look fluffy, sometimes they are scattered and it feels good to go out. We've been at the beach last Sunday and because of the good weather, I wanted to go to the beach soon too!

But then I realize, there is an increasing number of COVID cases here in Bohol that I would just rather stay at home. However, we have to go to Tagbilaran City by the weekend for Matti's vaccination. I am not too concerned for myself but for my baby, he can't wear any masks just yet, and letting him wear any cover in the face, he would surely take it off. I am still thinking if we should just postpone that instead.

Also, we have already decided to go to Cebu next month. But just this week, there's a mandate in Cebu province that anyone coming from Bohol needs a PCR test with negative results. This is very discouraging so we will still have to see how this goes by the end of the month.

Today, I woke up at 6:30 AM, Matti woke me up! He usually wakes up earlier than we do, he'd crawl up to me and call me mama to wake me up, such a sweet baby! I took him out to see some birds and dogs outside which he recognized.


Breakfast today was a bit many because my mother decided to cook a lot! They bought some fish and crabs at the market and some bitter gourd too so I went and just stir-fried that and added egg.

So on his plate were boiled crab meat, fish meat on top of steamed rice, oranges, and ampalaya with egg. Matti loves crab meat and I shared a video of him eating the first time, a lot of my friends commented how cute that was.

The morning went by, he napped early and so I was able to edit, I almost finished editing the video but he woke up so I had to stop of course, and attended to his needs. Whenever I let him play inside his playpen, he'd always call me to take him out of there after around two minutes of checking out his toys. I wish he could spend more time there, teehee.


Anyway, he ate the same set of food for lunch because there were some leftovers but my mother cooked pancit too and reserved some for Matti. It was Matti's first time eating pancit bihon and he got curious about the bihon so he was throwing it everywhere! Glad that I placed a mat under his high chair.


Finally, he napped a little longer in the afternoon that I was able to finish exporting the video, I even was able to color grade the vlog a bit, just pumping that highlights, exposure, and saturation. I have uploaded it on YouTube and will premiere it on Friday.


As for dinner, I just prepared champurado for Matti. He got a little messier today because he was throwing his spoon. His spoon training is not progressing today but I will continue to offer him food that can be spooned. Perhaps, I will offer yogurt tomorrow.

That's it for today guys!

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