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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

I have been thinking lately, will I return to work or not?

My colleague manager had asked me what my arrangements would be once I start working again. See, I had extended my maternity leave and it's almost a year now. I gave birth on July 25, 2020. There are several reasons why I shouldn't go back to work and just resign but there's something that's keeping me from not resigning just yet. One is that I want to help my husband with our expenses. With Crypto's volatility, it's not the best way of income stream, moreover, I am not able to also create the contents that would allow me to make a steady source too.

But again, it's all about the welfare of my baby, if working would not allow me to take care of him full time, then that means going back to work should be delayed, or I must resign instead.


Anyway, that has been boggling my mind these past few days. But today, I made dragon fruit oat pancake for Matti. I like how the pancakes are colored red or pink with the dragon fruit, I didn't use water for this mixture because the dragon fruit itself is already juicy.

Matti liked it, he asked for more! Our house helper also cooked some ampalaya or bitter gourd for Matti which he ate as well but he didn't finish so I used the leftovers for his lunch!


After breakfast, we went out together with Achi because my parents went to Tagbilaran City and they said we must eat more vegetables so we ended up buying some vegetables in the market, but I, the baby and my niece just stayed inside the car, it was just James who went out to buy the fruits and vegetables.


By lunchtime, Matti had the leftovers plus additional vegetables as well. He loves pumpkin or squash, I just had to make sure that it was tender enough to avoid choking.

My day went on editing some videos while Matti was napping. I wish he napped for a good three to four hours but he woke up at four after sleeping for two hours. Nonetheless, I was able to start with the edits and was also able to write a blog article. I wanted to write more but there are still other things that I needed to do such as prepare for his dinner.


While in our living room, I got hungry I remembered our ice cream cake from yesterday. My niece and I made this and so we sliced it up and ate! The base was very thick and hard! I wish I didn't push it that much but still, it was a good afternoon snack! My baby was looking at me while I was devouring the ice cream cake, all I could say was sorry, he can't have ice cream for now. Soon, once he is two years old, he can eat sweets but not for now.


My parents arrive just in time for dinner, they brought some baluts and fruits! They bought seedless oranges which were really good! Even Matti liked it! Matti was already grumpy because he wanted to be out of his high chair, he had hash brown for dinner which I forgot to take a photo of, unfortunately, next time, I will create another hash brown for him, it was his first time to try it and he liked it, he almost finished the entire serving!

That's it guys! I hope you had a good Tuesday too!

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