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Greetings everyone. Last topic or post, was all about how to Power Up our steem and we already know the good benefits we have if we powered up. For today's post, we will tackle about the Basic Tasks of Steemit Platform. Each community here in this platform have different tasks and all of it is very helpful to us to expess our talents, making friends, earned and to enhance our capabilities to do tasks.

I have a little ideas about steemit tasks and this is I want to share to all of you. Wenhave different kinds of tasks here:

1Diary Game
2Challenges and Contests
3Engaging Activities
4Upvote Posts


We will talk about Diary Game. This is one of the main tasks here in steemit. In this, we can express or share the happenings in our Lives for the past days. It helps also so that we will not forget the happy memories or moments together with our friends, loveone, Families and others companions.

In Diary Game we can be able to posts just like occasions either Birthdays, Weddings, Baptisms, Death Anniversary, Cooking Foods, Traveling, etc. This will be a big help to develop our creativity and skills through this.


We will go to Challenges and Contest. This will also a big help so that we can recieve more and more tokens specially if we won the challenge or contest. We will be discovered also by the big curators, admins, and to all people who initiate the challenges and or contest. There many different challenges depends of the community we were.

  • Arts Challenge
  • Photography Challenge
  • Cooking Challenge
  • Travel Challenge
  • Writing Challenge
  • Sing and Dance Challenge
    And many more.

All of this are very fitted to our hidden skills and talents. We must take the best shot to win or choosed as the top 3 of the Challenge.

Community Engagement is very important also. Aside of being discovered, we can contribute a cheering up comment or feelings to othe steemit users. They will followed our accounts and we can gain many friends in different countries or place. Commenting others post is very important because it will help to increase our Reputations [ The one located at the right side of our Username]. This will help us to become more popular and a chance to support from our curators.

Upvote is very important also. We can givea support to all steemit members especially the newbies and to encourage them to be consistent.

Am I still Qualified to upvote even If My Steem Power is Low?

Yes. It is also qualified but it needs a moderate by upvoting so that it will not be empty. The upvoting power will replenish immediately depends of the amount of our steem power. Upvoting can help increases our Voting CSI and a chance to curate our post by the big curators here in steemit.

The mentioned tasks is very basic and simple. If we still very consistent, we can achieve our goals here in steemit platform.
Enjoy Posting everyone.
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 2 months ago 

Nice post Bro helping the beginners in Steemit.

 2 months ago 

Yes ate. I hope this will help to all new steemit members. Thank you. 😊😊

 2 months ago 

Your post is very helpful and thank you for doing so.

 2 months ago 

You're welcome ate..

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