My December power-up

in Steemit Philippines2 months ago

Hello everyone!
It's been quiet a while since I shared a post here. I think I overslept and was loving my great hybernation here on steemit.

So to start up a new. I did a power up on all my steem dollars. Sadly when I did my power up my laptop did not cooperate with me. I was not able to document the step by step process. I was only able to take a photo on the first step. Which is my wallet.😅


I had 37. 095steem. I power up the 37.
Good thing I have an angel whom I asked for help to check if I am already an eligible club5050 member. He checked on my account and these are what he sent me.







I wish to share this to let you know that I am still alive and was just dormant for a while.... Haha

Rest assured this will be the beginning of another beautiful journeys yet to be shared.

Hope all are well and doing great.

See you soon,

I set my 25% of this post to @null

 2 months ago 

Sayang, I'm supposed to recommend this post for booming support but I found out that your blog is too short to qualify. Please make your future blogs at least 300 words so we can recommend you and will get the chance to be upvoted by booming.

 2 months ago 

congratulations on the power up sis and welcome back! :)

 2 months ago 

Thank you sis, yah will do my best to be active this time no matter what. Kahit matumal okay lang.😁😁

 2 months ago 

Congrats on powering up. Looking forward for your future post.

 2 months ago 

Hello there sis thats a lot po ahh and congratulations po. It's nice to see you here

 2 months ago 

Welcome back te, looking forward sa mga chika mo dito hihihi. Ako din te last month lang ako bumalik dito after a year na inactive dito hihihi at sinisikap na tuloy2x na ang pagiging active dito hihihi

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