Presenting the SteemIt PHP Community

in PHP5 months ago

OK, SteemIt, let's see if there's other PHP developers about. :-)

Welcome to the new Steemit PHP Community section, page, blog... thing. A place for PHP developers on Steem to discuss the happenings in the PHP space.

Fair game topics:

  • PHP HowTos, tutorials, and similar articles.
  • Announcements of PHP events, project releases, etc.
  • Discussion of development of PHP itself (RFCs, etc.)
  • Links to articles on your own SteemIt blog that meet one of the above criteria.

Please avoid:

  • Language bashing (PHP or otherwise)
  • People bashing
  • Link spam that isn't to pointing to another article on SteemIt.
  • General jerk behavior. (If you have to ask, it is.)

Let's rock, PHPers. (PHPians? Whatever.)

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