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Namaste Steemit family


Namaste friends Today I discuss one of the important topics which are very popular nowadays in India.

That is - Moonlighting

Why this term comes into the market?

Reason - Some days ago the Indian company Wipro fired 300 employers for the reason of moonlighting.

It is not that the company did not warn those employees. The company had warned all those employees in September itself.

But ignoring the warning, some employees kept moonlighting, due to which the company showed them the way out.

The CEO of Wipro company Azim Premji said that this is a violation of the integrity of the company. Infosys and IBM are in favor of his statement. This is the reason why moonlighting is in the headlines.

What is moonlighting?

The term Moonlighting originated in America. Moonlighting is said to those employees who work for several companies simultaneously. Moonlighting was promoted more during the Corona period.
When employees work for another company in the remaining time after working hours fixed by their company, it is called moonlighting.
Some employees work on the weekend also so that they earn some more income.

  • No Poaching Agreement

For this term, there is another important term called No Poaching Agreement
This means when two or more company does not hire the employee of another company that's called Poaching.
In India Gautam Adani and Mukesh Ambani sign an agreement on No Poaching. With this, if any employee works in any of these companies, then he cannot work in another company. This agreement is done for the reason that the employee should not do moonlighting.


But some organizations or company are support employers to moonlight bcos He says that this is very important along with time, due to which many possibilities will increase in the coming days.

The startup company swiggy said that if employers tell them about their other work by doing work in swiggy with proper documentation then there is no objection or restriction from my end.

Reason behind to control Moonlighting by Industries

  • It is having the biggest impact on IT industries because if an employee does any such action then there is a risk of data theft. That is why almost all IT industries are not in favor of it.
  • Infosys put up a poster of 'No two-timing -no moonlighting' and 'no double lives'. So that no employee will think about it.

This story is based on true event.


A young 26-year ambitious person lives in the City of Banglore with a 25000 rupees (1407 SP) salary. The rent of living is a minimum of 8k -10k(451-565SP) in a low-grade hostel. Other charges like traveling food up to 10k(565). After all the guy has left only 5000(282 SP) which he pays for his education loan or some other work. So that's the reason behind this true story. The guy is very ambitious to work and do extra effort to earn some income.

But this leads to #MOONLIGHTING.

The guy would prefer to work on the rest of their free time and weekends and earn some extra income.


Share your opinions is Moonlighting is good or not.

 2 years ago 

First of all, you have introduced an interesting topic. I believe that moonlighting for IT Industry is a nightmare because a small piece of leaked data would threaten that company. But people loosing jobs for that is also not right. I guess those companies should give extra pay for extra work to these dedicated people who wants to earn more and work more. This will not harm the integrity of a company and the workers will get what they want.


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 2 years ago 

Greetings @deepak94,

In my opinion, moonlighting is not good because of some reasons like data theft or others as you mentioned, but along with that firing company employees are also not a good option, company has to make a plan or think about this problem

if they find that one employee is doing such work in two companies the company should allow him to work more in the same company for which the employee will get overtime (Extra money) or if extra work is not an option that company has to set guidelines for the employee for working in two companies together rather than firing him

I hope you got my point , Excellent read deepak

 2 years ago 


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 2 years ago 

Greetings @jyoti-thelight,

Thank you for your support : )

 2 years ago 

Your today's content is very interesting. You explained the all things of moonlighting... Thanks for sharing this..

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