Happy New Year Steemit, From Curator Cat!

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Greetings fine Felines and Hoomans of Steemlandia!

Wow, it suddenly became 2023 — Happy New Year, everyone! Hopefully your holidays were as marvelous as ours!

When you're a CAT, most places are good sleeping spots!

I very much enjoyed our New Year's Eve and day because it was nice and quiet! The Hoomans prefer to stay in and it was a windy, cold and occasionally rainy night, so they didn't even migrate out to look at fireworks.

We cats really don't like fireworks... the sudden "bangs" and bright flashes tend to make us very nervous.

All boxes are cat beds!

Do Cats Make New Year's Resolutions?

Well, I suppose I could resolve to "take more naps," but I already sleep for about 16 hours out of every 24... so that's probably not going to fly with anyone!

However, I do want us to pay more attention to this blog in 2023... so I suppose we could make that a resolution, although it is rather dependent on the Hoomans having enough time available to type... still haven't figured out how to use a keyboard?


Revival of a Pet Community on Steemit?

I have mentioned this particular item before, and I would really love it if we could come up with — and maintain — an active pet content community here on Steemit in 2023.

We used to have some lovely ones, but they all seemed to fall apart, a couple of years back. Surely there must be plenty of pet lovers in this large worldwide community!

Bird watching...

On a more personal level, my 5th anniversary of having the Curator Cat blog on Steemit is coming up in March. 5 Years is a long time... I've seen a lot come and go during that time, including some old "cat friends" that left to chase mice elsewhere.

Oh, and let's all hope the crypto markets get a little better, this year!

Have a lovely rest of your week!


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