Curator Cat on Caturday — Seems Like Summertime is Here!

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Greetings, Fine Felines and Hoomans of Steemlandia!

It's Saturday, once again... and we all know what that means: It's Caturday on Saturday! Time to bring out those cute pictures of your Feline friends and share with the world.


We've now had almost 10 days of sunny warm weather and I'm starting to believe summer might actually be on the way!

Summer is a good season for cats, because we get to have the windows open and fresh air flowing through the house... and I even get to be outside on the deck with the Hoomans!


Above all, it means that I get more opportunities to nap in the sunshine! And that's a good thing.

That said, I could certainly wish that the crypto winter would soon come to an end! I'm getting a little tired of our Steem token barely being able to get to 20 cents... That feels pretty much like we haven't gained anything at all since the very early days!


But I suppose all we can do is just stay patient and keep plugging forward.

Overall, I'm fairly pleased with myself for having been part of this community for over five years and never having powered down! That has to be worth something!


Smudge is still doing well... she had her 16th birthday not so long ago. 16 is a pretty fine age for a cat!

I'm very glad we have been able to offer her a measure of comfort and peace and quiet in her old age! Ironically, her original Mom-Hooman has since returned from the Dominican Republic which she decided would be too strenuous for Smudge. But Smudge is going to stay with us!


Still not finding very much pet-related content here on Steemit, and I'm not sure what can really be done to encourage it... aside from continuing to set an example and sharing my own posts.

Anyway, hope you had a great Caturday, and I wish you a happy Sunday!


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