Would You Be Okay If We Sold Steemit?

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I would be a big yes. We need capital here and i mean real capital. I want to see millions flood into the company to build it beyond what we have and burn a lot of the steem coins. There were rumours that Justin would buy it and considering that he was able to partner with Samsung and acquire dlive I would be happy if the rumour was true. But if any billionaire wants to come and buy us my vote is yes. It is impressive what we did with the little resources we have but we can do so much more.

If new money doesn't come in we are dependent on ads, which might work if we can get enough people using this site. But the problem is people are using different interfaces for steem. This is great for the network but we are dividing our attention and it might be hard to land big ad contracts. This might change when communities come and the price of steem goes back up but we need a lot more people using the site to get the money we need from ads.

The other option is selling steem which I want to see steemit avoid. The goal of steemit should be buying and burning steem not selling it to get by or expand. Even if there is a big bullrun and steem goes up to 5 or 10 dollars I still don't want to see steemit add to our selling pressure but alleviate it.

At the end of the day we need money coming in if we are going to compete with the big boys and make steem worth something without having to depend on a bull run that may or may not happen and I think a big partner is the answer of this.

But that is just me.

How do you guys feel?


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I think if steemit is sold a very big change will occur, and everyone must get ready with it, every buyer has an idea for something he wants

Steemit is not steem
nothing more needs to be said

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